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Indonesian Man’s Corpse Appears To Wave From Inside Coffin

It was quite the spectacle after the video footage was played back. An unknown man from Indonesia was buried during a funeral ceremony. Someone recorded video and later played it back to realize that their left hand can be seen in the transparent opening part of the coffin. The ceremony was held on May 5th this year. 

The location of where this took place was at the Manado Cemetery in North Sulawesi. Some coffins have designs such as these so that loved ones can partly view the deceased in remembrance. 

As the coffin was lowered down into the dug grave plot, the priest there began to recite the following statement, “God said in the book of John. I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in me, he will live, even if he is dead.” 

Indonesian Man’s Corpse Appears To Wave From Inside Coffin

Remarkably, the man’s hand does appear to move as the camera zooms in upon the coffin. Was this some kind of last moment goodbye? Some think this man was being buried alive as a mistake. 

After this video was posted online, it went somewhat viral around the internet. Others think that something more mystical happened upon that day. Was this some kind of miracle moment caught on camera?

Likely, this was just a side effect from natural decomposing of the human body. This happens when gases build up when someone dies. Their body then begins to break down and decompose. The human tissues in the body such as muscle, begin to rot away leaving the body to appear to have moved. This can make it seem like the person’s body moved on its own. 

It is both creepy and eerie how the hand seems to move on its own. This makes questioning what happened more intensified. Who knows what really happened on that day but it remains quite a spectacle to behold. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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