‘Under’ Traps You in a Sinking Ship With Serious ‘Silent Hill’ Vibes

SOMA might be the current king of nautical horror video games for many, but Globiss Interactive is looking to change that with their upcoming game known simply as Under. Currently set for a Q3 2020 on Steam, Under combines the suffocating horror of being trapped on a sinking boat with some paranormal activity thrown in for good measure.

Set shortly after the events of WWI, you play as veteran Alexander Dockter, who ends up in an eerie turn-of-the-century era ocean liner that is currently sinking. Making matters worse, you find out that your escape is being hindered by malicious entities that have a keen interest in you. You’re in a race against time while trying to avoid being caught by these rather tall beings.

If you’re itching (no pun intended) to see what the game is like, you can actually hit up the demo on the game’s itch.io page.

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