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Spanish Farmer Sees Alien Octopoids While Feeding His Cattle

Back in the early morning hours of August 16, 1968, a Spanish farmer known as John Mateu was outdoors feeding his cattle. He had no idea just how different his day would be. At first, John noticed what seemed like a reflection of some sort, coming from a metallic object from off in the distance.

The location where this incident allegedly occurred, was about 4 miles away from Tivissa, in the province of Tarragona. John believed the reflection that he witnessed was nothing more than a car passing by. John’s wife wondered if someone might have had a breakdown and insisted for John to take a look where this reflection was coming from. 

Equally intrigued it seems, John wandered out to investigation what was going on. As he approached the location where the light reflection was coming from…he then noticed what appeared to be a hemispherical craft of some kind. This craft looked like a half watermelon. 

Even more strange was how this object appeared to be floating several feet from off the ground. There were several strange entities there as well that appeared to be heading towards this spacecraft of sorts from about 330-feet away. It seems he stumbled upon visitors from far away. 

Image: Rob Morphy

John went on to explain how these unusually shaped entities resembled that of an octopus kind of. Both of these alien octopoids appeared to have four different tentacle-like legs. They stood around 3 feet tall. 

These aliens likely were able to move around on their four tentacle-like legs, although some sources will say the creatures possessed five legs. Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, the area was lit up by a light of some kind. John was not entirely alone, his dog was also there with him on that day.

Of course like anyone would be – John was overwhelmed by what had happened. Time even seemed to slip away as John’s brother Sebastian (an accountant from the nearby Village of Darmós) went out looking for him. John was gone for about a day and went missing without a trace. 

It is assumed that John somehow found himself onboard this spacecraft and these alien octopoids possibly examined him and did something to his memories as well. This would account for the lost time period over the day, before John returned back home to work on his farm once again. 

When all of this was released in the media, many found the incident quite difficult to believe yet it has remained a fascinating story ever since.

(Source: Cryptopia and Fandom)

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