Explore Terrifying Lovecraftian Mythos in First-Person Title ‘The Shore’ [Trailer]

Any time Lovecraft is involved in video games, you know that it’s worth at least a look. And in the case of Ares Dragonis’ The Shore, that goes double for the graphics. Seriously, this looks gorgeous.

Originally available on itch.io (where you can download a free demo), the full game is getting the Steam treatment for a full release later in 2020.

Presented with a Lovecraftian style and mythology, The Shore centres on the mystery of the unknown on a forbidden island. You play as Andrew, a father who after being run ashore on said island, is now searching for his lost daughter. All the while, you’ll be encountering “the most nightmarish Lovecraftian entities”, and must battle to maintain your sanity through it all.

As you might expect, the game is a bit of a slow burn as the story progresses, but that makes it all the more terrifying and engrossing. And again, the graphical skill presented here just makes it that much more alluring.

If it does tickle your fancy, and you’d like to help the team push towards the finish, you can contribute on their Ulule site, where they’re asking for just €4,000. They’re about 40% complete with 28 days left, so do check it out.

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