Latest GVMERS Documentary Covers Capcom’s ‘Dead Rising’ Series [Video]

Hard to believe that Capcom had what appeared to be a hot new franchise on its hands with Dead Rising back in 2006. The thrill of Dawn of the Dead in video game form, combined with some great technology at the time, seemed like something that begged to be expanded upon. Flash forward almost 15 years later, and the franchise lies dormant after the weak sales and response from 2016’s Dead Rising 4. So what happened?

GVMERS are back again with another of their amazing documentaries, this time focusing on a franchise that at first seemed so bright, but fell just as quick as it rose, with several factors attributing to its current status. Dead Rising 2 still ranks in the top 20 of Capcom’s million-selling Platinum Titles, but with Dead Rising 4 barely limping into the list with just 1 million units sold since its release four years ago, there’s a bit of explaining to do.

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