90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Forgiven, Not Forgotten

The tears were flowing, and so were the apologies.

All of the relationships are hitting some rough spots or are already in them on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 10. And for most of the couples, it feels as though they’re spinning in place.

Even the new couples have fallen into a pattern of rinse, wash, and repeat.

Show Me the Money!

Devan and Jihoon are in an endless cycle until one or both of them break it. It wasn’t looking pretty when Deavan threatened to leave for the gazillionth time, and an aggravated Jihoon pretty much told her to kick rocks.

The two of them had another conversation, and it seems they manage those better without that translator device from hell. He apologized for screwing up, and he shared with her yet again that he does have money.

Deavan’s latest caveat was that if she was going to entertain remaining in Korea, she needed Jihoon to make like Jerry McGuire, and “show her the money!”

Jihoon couldn’t keep talking about these mysterious savings in his mom’s bank account. He had to cough them up.

And thus we had the awkward, embarrassing, and cringe-worthy scenes where Jihoon informed his mother of Deavan’s demand, and then escorted her to the ATM to retrieve his savings.

He’s a Dumbass, But He’s My Dumbass

Jihoon’s mother is such an enabler. It’s a combination of things. For starters, it’s obvious that he’s an only child, and there’s always something with moms and their sons.

His mother also doesn’t care for Deavan that much either, and she probably never will. As a result, she will always side with Jihoon because of that alone.

But Jihoon’s father, he calls it as he sees it, and I respect that. Sure, Jihoon is his son, and he loves him, but he knew Jihoon effed up and said as much.

He’s not afraid to acknowledge where Jihoon goes wrong, and it makes him the best parent in their little family situation. His wife didn’t care for her and fanned him away from the cameras, but he said what he said!

Deavan is choosing to give Jihoon yet another chance to prove himself as a family man. She also told him that they need to have a joint bank account to put his money in.

They’re married, and if their family ever stands a chance of working out, then she’s right about that. Jihoon admitted that he didn’t take the relationship as seriously until after their son was born.

Deavan got upset about that, but from his perspective, she’s the one who holds all the cards.

It’s something we repeatedly see with most of the Americans. Doesn’t it feel a bit hinky and concerning that they all threaten to go back to the States and take kids or whatever else with them whenever things don’t go well?

It can come across manipulative and a host of other things. It’s not to say that Jihoon doesn’t screw up a lot, but so does Deavan. And she’s also emotional enough where every time something doesn’t go as she hopes, she can threaten to take his son away.

It feels gross when you think about it, no?

They have resolved their issues for the time being, and it took some conversations, and Deavan speaking to him as if he was both hard-of-hearing and a child, which also was cringeworthy.

Now, Deavan agreed to stay for another month to see if Jihoon has “changed,” whatever that even means anymore. They’re moving into a different apartment, and Deavan can access to the money Jihoon makes.

It’s dubious that they’ll ever be on the same page or be what each other needs.

Eff Apologies; ACTIONS!

Tim and Melyza are still in this strange state where they’re together, but they don’t feel like it.

The funny thing is, you could believe from their pictures and the way they both speak about their past how much love was between them.

You could tell that once upon a time, they were probably an adorable couple. Unfortunately, we don’t see any of that onscreen.

They feel like two strangers when they’re together. It’s almost excruciating to see them interact with each other. They don’t even know what to say anymore.

It’s superficial stuff about food, and then they’ll speak about the elephant in the room that is Tim’s infidelity.

Tim was not looking forward to seeing Melyza’s parents when he learned that her mother knew about his one-night stand. He almost seemed upset that her mother knew the truth.

And, I mean, what do you expect, sir? It’s as if Tim wants minimal damage from his actions, and he freaks out when reality hits how far-reaching his actions are.

Keeping Dad in the Dark

The family dinner was both uncomfortable, sweet, and also sad. You could tell that Melyza’s family welcomed Tim with open arms.

It means his betrayal of Melyza extended to her family. Despite a bit of a language barrier, Melyza’s father seems to love Tim.

And it’s sad to point out at all, but it was so refreshing that Tim knows conversational Spanish. He can understand most of what people are saying to him, and he expresses himself well in Spanish, too, considering he isn’t fluent.

For whatever it was worth, it was a beautiful touch and appeared genuine that he apologized and begged for the forgiveness of Melyza’s mother in Spanish as best as he could.

It’s more effort than most on this series would’ve made.

Unfortunately, Melyza’s mother doesn’t think she’ll ever get over what he did. Melyza’s father will find out sooner rather than later, and Melyza may not carry on with a relationship if both of her parents disapprove.

Tim doesn’t always seem as apologetic as he should, but I don’t doubt his sincerity in loving Melyza and her family and hoping they can still be together. I can believe that when he’s not defensive, he does feel guilty.

They’ve observed his weight gain, and at the risk of being presumptuous, given that it happened after the infidelity and relationship issues, it could be a sign of how depressed he got over the past few months.

Sadly for all involved, Tim and Melyza feel like their relationship is dead in the water.

Don’t Trust the Americans!

Finally, we got some role reversal.

We met Bini’s siblings, and they seem nice enough, but they’re understandably wary of Ari and her mother.

It was hilarious when they mentioned that they had heard A LOT about Janice. Janice has garnered mixed feelings, and so have my opinions about her. I stand by them but to each their own.

I’ll give the woman credit for not flipping her shite over the Gursha tradition of feeding each other (and, you know, eating raw meat). I would’ve been internally screaming at both myself.

But Bini’s family had some reservations about Ari. It’s nice that we get to see their issues on display as well.

Bini had a terrible experience with his ex-wife, another American woman. After years of marriage, she left Ethiopia and took their kid with her. He hasn’t been able to see his child since.

It’s a genuine fear that Ari could do the same. It’s a likelihood that she will bail. She looks ready to flee every other second.

Janice, the Saboteur

Now that Janice has found out some things about Bini, she doesn’t mind using them to plant seeds of doubt in her daughter’s head.

She was having a ball with the comments about Bini dancing with his ex-girlfriend. She jumped right on board with stoking the flames of jealousy within Ari.

Bini still doesn’t explain himself as well as he should. His solution of lying to his ex and hiding things to keep her from getting jealous is not a good one. Bini seems genuinely sweet, but he also has more to him.

But should he have to give up dancing and find different jobs to accommodate his family? If Ari knew all of this stuff, then what business is it of Janice to get upset about it?

Bini should take care of his wife and child, but why does it seem like Janice doesn’t expect Ari to have any control, abilities, or real agency in her marriage?

I’m Not Going Anywhere!

At the risk of channeling Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot, Jenny was in full-blown F-Society mode at the dinner with Sumit and Amit.

She has no understanding, nor does she agree, with the Indian caste system that focuses on social standing and what the community and society think.

In her mind, Sumit should be able to marry whomever he wants, and his relationship with Jenny shouldn’t have any negative implications or effects on his family and their social standing and name.

She tried to make her point to Amit, and she’s firm in stating that she doesn’t plan to go anywhere.

Sumit is still stuck between his family and Jenny, but with Amit’s appeal to him, then maybe we can expect a meeting with all of them soon.

Over to you, 90 Day Fanatics. Thoughts on these couples and their latest ordeals?

By all means, hit the comments below and let’s discuss!

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