Bookish Washi Tape For Your Bullet Journal + Beyond

Washi tape is the best. It’s a decorative tape perfect for art projects, for collaging, and, in the last decade especially, for bullet journaling and planner personalization. There are so many different designs for it, including bookish washi tape perfect for readers.

Washi is a Japanese creation, made not with tree pulp but from Japanese shrubs. It’s durable, sustainable, and affordable: a nice little “treat yourself” present when you want to bring something bright and fun into your life.

Grab your wallet and score yourself some excellent bookish washi tape with the selections below.

Have some library books checked out? This library washi would be a perfect reminder for due dates in your planner. $2.

A bright shelf of books standing up and lying on their spines. $2.

This bookish washi tape looks like old classics bound in leather. $3.

Glitter! I know a lot of people loathe glitter and there’s no doubt an environmental impact to it, so why not a safer way of bringing some bling to your life? $3.

Maybe you prefer book washi stickers, as opposed to washi tape? This collection of 40 is perfect. $4.

Decorate with washi tape featuring old book text. $1.50.

These are some intricately decorated book spines! $6.

Another take on the bright bookshelves. $8.

I dig the torn newspaper washi. $4.

Comic book fans, you’ve got your own incredible washi tape options, as well. $2.

This vintage tape features old books, journals, and a gorgeous old typewriter. $4.

How about making your own custom book washi tape? $4.

I’m smitten with this chapter of life tape, featuring all kinds of sweet woodland creatures with books and trees. $2.50.

Fancy book script! $3.50.

These book stacks also feature red foil. Snazzy! $4.55.

Secret library washi tape. $13.50.

Enjoy some books amid winter treats. $10.

Want some more bullet journal inspiration? Here are some ideas of bullet journal setup for readers, as well as bullet journal supplies for readers.

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