Bethesda Offers up The Original ‘Quake’ For Free During QuakeCon

id Software’s Quake is a classic of the genre. No question about it. And while subsequent entries have surpassed the multiplayer mayhem of the original, Quake can still garner attention. So much so, that for this year’s QuakeCon, id Software are giving it away for free!

To celebrate 25 years, Bethesda are giving away the original Quake by simply having you download the launcher and logging in/creating an account. Keep in mind that this freebie lasts until tonight (10 pm ET, to be exact).

As a bonus, Bethesda will also be offering the superb follow-up in Quake II as a free download if after accumulated donations to charities during QuakeCon surpass the $10,000 mark. The sequel will also be available through the Bethesda Launcher soon after the event, regardless of if it’s free.

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