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After gathering 4 million streams in under a few months, garnering success on Tik Tok, and receiving acclaim from WonderlandConsequence of Sound and more, 19-year-old UK singer/songwriter Mimi Webb unveils a new single and music video entitled “I’ll Break My Heart Again.

Get it HERE via Epic Records.

Watch it HERE.

In the cinematic visual, she awakens in a bed set under a leaf-less tree. Rousing from slumber like a fairytale heroine, the camera follows her through wide open fields and past rolling hills as her vocal delivery also climbs behind stirring strings and soft piano. A stark confession envelopes the chorus, and her voice booms, “Being with somebody helps, but if I’m honest with myself, I’ll break my heart again and tell him it’s the end.” Ultimately, “I’ll Break My Heart Again” transmits a heartbreaking, yet glorious goodbye. Flaunt Magazine exclusively premiered the video earlier today and spoke with Mimi about the song. Watch the video now HERE.

About the single and video, Mimi commented, “Writing this song came from a really vulnerable place of admitting the truth of where your heart belongs. You know it’s not right or good for you, but you can no longer convince yourself to stay away from the person you’re still in love with—even though you have something good going with another. It took me a long time to face it, but this song really helped me through that process.” The song arrives on the heels of her buzzing anthem “Before I Go.” The track caught fire on Tik Tok when platform superstar Charli D’Amelio utilized it in a video on her page followed by over 74.9 million fans. On Tik Tok alone, it attracted 15 million-plus views, 5.7 million “likes,” 69.8K comments, and 13k shares. Simultaneously, “Before I Go” amassed over 3.3 million Spotify streams and 494K YouTube views on the music video.

Inciting tastemaker applause, Wonderland praised, “Webb’s distinctive husky vocals and gut-wrenching lyricism.” Meanwhile, Consequence of Sound raves that, Mimi Webb has an unassuming sense of style and a voice that hits like a belt of brandy.Lyrical eloquence, graceful spirit, and a seismic vocal range position Mimi Webb for a major moment in 2020 as she releases her debut EP later this year.


(Credit: Hampus Hjellström)

Swedish artist and prolific songwriter SHY Martin (real name Sara Hjellström) has released her highly anticipated sophomore EP, Sad Songs. The EP is available for streaming everywhere now here. Listen to new single “Are you happy?” + watch the official video here.

The culmination of a momentous year lined with a string of single releases that have solidified SHY Martin’s place among pop music’s top rising stars, Sad Songs represents a striking evolution in SHY’s artistry and songwriting. As she describes: 

  • “After releasing my first EP, I felt like I wanted to make a more stripped down and personal collection of songs. I wanted to go back to that same feeling of when I first started writing songs on my guitar. All of these songs were written in different combinations of people I love working with in Sweden. The title of the EP ‘Sad Songs’ actually came from the working title of ‘Lose You Too’ and stuck with me for some reason. At first it was only a joke since I always end up writing sad songs. But after living with it for some time, it felt like the perfect name of this EP since it only has sad songs on it. I was supposed to do a lot of touring this year but had to postpone all of the shows because of COVID-19. It’s sad in a way but I’ve honestly really enjoyed this time being in Sweden. It’s given me the opportunity to spend more time in the studio working on upcoming songs and writing for other artists which has been super fun. I’ve also had more time with my friends here in Stockholm and some time to rest. Until I’m able to travel again I’m gonna spend as much time as I can in the studio writing and recording, which is also where I feel most comfortable.”

Alongside today’s EP release comes new single, “Are you happy?” – a delicately somber track with gorgeous vocal melodies, of which SHY adds:

  • “I wrote ‘Are you happy?’ right before the summer together with two other Swedish songwriters – Kristin Carpenter and Rasmus Bundy. The song is about looking back at an old relationship appreciating that it happened even though it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. The ending of one relationship is often the start of a new one. We originally wrote ‘Are you happy?’ as a pitch song for another artist so I didn’t even sing on the demo. But after living with it for a bit I grew to love it and realized how well it would fit with the other songs on my EP. It also felt like the second part of  ‘Make us never happen’ which is the first song on the EP, so it felt like the perfect way to end the EP.”

Today’s EP release comes on the heels of recent single release, “Nobody likes moving on,” which Idolator called a “knife to the heart” in an exclusive interview feature while Billboard noted the track’s “crystalline vocals over sweet, acousti-lectronic production.” “Nobody” followed deeply personal singl“Can I call you back?” which sparked Complex to praise the track’s “dream-like flurry of breathy vocals, soul-touching songwriting and twinkling electronics,” while The Line of Best Fit called it “delicate and emotionally vulnerable in a way that we haven’t seen Hjellström before.” Earlier this spring, SHY released a collaboration with fellow Swedish artist Boy In Space on “Still The Same,” which Ladygunn coined “a lustrous bop. Anthemic and free-spirited.” SHY kicked off 2020 with January’s elegantly emotive “Slow,” which has already seen 14 million+ Spotify streams.

Late 2019 saw SHY release single “Make us never happen,” which debuted with Forbes and saw top placement across many Spotify ‘New Music Friday’ playlists. Summer 2019 single “Same Old” and spring 2019 release “Out of My Hands” were equally well-received with support from the likes of V MagazinePAPER, and Idolator. SHY Martin also released a collaboration with Swedish duo NOTD on track “Keep You Mine.”

British D&B duo The Prototypes tease more new music with ‘Paradise’ feat. rising electro-pop artist Elle Exxe on vocals. The new cut is the fourth offering from their upcoming album, ‘Ten Thousand Feet & Rising’ set for release on 23rd October. Pre-order on LP and CD on Bandcamp here

‘Paradise’ follows on the recently released singles, the UKF premiered ‘Enter The Warrior’ feat. B3ndu, and ‘Oxygen’ feat. Kudu Blue, which had its radio premiere with Danny Howard on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show before she named it her ‘Hottest Record’, while Mixmag called an “anthemic monster” in their review of the single and 90s Hardcore throwback cut ‘Shadows’ featuring Lily McKenzie.

“’Paradise’ started life in a hotel room in Finland after playing a night there called ‘TheCircuit’ in Helsinki”, recalls the duo, “the Intro, main riff, build up and drop all came within about an hour, it all felt pretty right very quickly but once home it sat on the hard drive for a while unfinished. When we were discussing the album tracklist we decided to add vocals, Elle Exxe was our first choice, she just done the track with Oliverse ‘Unspoken’ which was sick and inspired us to hit her up”. 

Production wise the track reflects their long awaited second album, ‘Ten Thousand Feet & Rising’, which is the sound of an intense studio lockdown, entirely written, composed, mixed and mastered by The Prototypes in their own studio. “The original bassline was different to the one on the final version. The thing we like most about this tune is the contrast between the electronic nicer intro to the loose rawer drop, we love that switch up it’s also one of the two only slower tempo tracks on the album”, explains the band. The duo has also been busy with their 24 hour Drum & Bass & Jungle DJ set with D&BTV which raised money for the NHS through ‘NHS Charities Together’ and has reached 479% of their target, raising nearly £12K against their initial £2,5K target. The Prototypes are Nick White and Chris Garvey, their potent, hard-hitting production signature and broadsword body of work has been released on seminal labels such as UKF, Viper Recordings, Shogun Audio, Ram Records, Technique Recordings and Formation. Early singles include ‘Pale Blue Dot’ which held the #1 spot on the Beatport dnb chart for over a month, went on to become Beatport‘s second top selling dnb track, whilst their 2015 single Pop It Off’ was named “one of the most unanimously unifying cuts in D&B of the year” by UKF Music. Their remixes include acts ranging from Ed Sheeran to Avicii to Friction. Their debut album ‘City Of Gold’, released in 2015 and reaching No. 22 on the UK Dance Chart on week of release, elevated the group to headline status with live performances including legendary festival Tomorrowland.

I wrote this song fluidly as it was a way to let out how I been feeling, wanting to get away, spending some time on my own, but not in a cheesy way. I laid down the guitars, wrote the song, added some drums and badabing. It’s the kind of song you listen to driving around on empty roads while you’re feeling some type of way.

My song “Feel,” is written about toxic friendships I had when I was younger. It describes the ups and downs of loving someone one day, then being treated terribly by them the next. It’s hard to balance all the back and forth emotions that come with that, so I wrote “Feel” to let them out.

“Feel” can be listened to HERE and the acoustic version is out today!

Check out “Feel (Acoustic)” –

This track came together during my first session in Los Angeles and my first time working with my co-writer Ryan Daly. We were inspired by songs like “Bad Bad News” by Leon Bridges and artists like H.E.R. and SZA. We started the session at 11am and worked till 4am the next day and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a session. We got along so well and I knew he was going to be a consistent creative partner of mine from there on out.

“Feel” is groovy and fun, even though the lyrics are a bit dark. We tried to capture the intensity of these love/hate relationships through the emotion of the song, and I think that can really be heard on the acoustic version. I want people to feel something from this song. I hope that listeners can relate and find comfort in the message behind it. This is something that many people go through, so I hope they can connect in some way.

Thank you for listening,

Lindsey Lomis

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Credit: Libby Olson

Monster Squad (Love so Crazy)” is a feel-good summer anthem, inspired by 1987’s The Monster Squad. TJ made the beat after watching the movie, with a focus on the final line where the army guys ask the kids “who are you?” and they respond with “we’re the Monster Squad.”

We used gear from the ’80s to reinforce the creative channel from the movie: Roland 707 on the drums, Juno 106 on the synth pads, the piano is a CP70, etc. Lots of Space Echo! Listen on Apple Music and follow/like us on SpotifyInstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Monster Squad (Love so Crazy)” revels in the confidence of being a part of something deeply meaningful. In our case, it’s about being in a band we believe in, and having a hell of a great time while simultaneously nurturing relationships and working 9 to 5 jobs.

Shake off whatever is getting you down and let this tune put some swagger in your step.

Our album, Midnight Carlight, will be out on August 28, 2020.

xx Sam the Astronaut (Garrison Johnson and TJ Gibson)

Alt-pop darling Kat Saul is releasing her intoxicating new single, “Monsters.” Co-written by Kat, Alex Venegas, and Alex Koste, and produced by Max Weinik, “Monsters” sees Kat diving deep into her psyche and confronting the fears and unknowns of life.

“When you’re a little kid, you’re afraid of things like the Boogie Man, Dracula, and Zombies. To be real, I think I’m still afraid of Zombies, but in my experience, growing up shifts your fears. Now instead of vampires and aliens, it’s the fear of failure, mental health issues, broken relationships, childhood trauma, and all the other shit that goes in a messed-up-baggage-cocktail. All that to say, it turns out real life is way more terrifying than the dark. I wanted to write a song that brought that uneasiness to light because It’s a transition we don’t really talk about. I toyed with the idea for about a year before writing the concept because I wanted to make sure it felt real. And wow, with everything that’s happened in the world this year, those fears are more prominent than ever for everyone. I think we all wish we could go back to when our monsters lived under our beds.” 

Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based Kat Saul creates the kind of music that makes you want to dance, headbang and cry — sometimes all at once. The 22-year-old pop singer-songwriter has always thrived in her own paradox. She was a high school cheerleader who played guitar in a rock band; she listened to Top 40 radio hits and early aughts rock records; she blasted Katy Perry records in her babysitter’s car and attended pop-punk concerts at her local skate park.

Kat hopped on the scene last year with the release of her debut EP, …From Unit 408The five-track EP was a delightful introduction to Kat’s unique brand of unapologetic, left-of-center pop, and quickly amassed praise from tastemakers like We Found New Music, Atwood Magazine, and EUPHORIA. Her quickly rising star as both a songwriter and artist led to collaborations with industry heavyweights like John Rausch (Taylor Swift, P!nk) & Evren Göknar (The Killers, Snoop Dogg & John Lennon), and Prince Fox (Hailee Steinfeld, Quinn XCII) and gigs opening for RKCB and Great Good Fine OK.

Listen to “Monsters” on all streaming platforms today:

Haley Jey Photography

hazy” is about reflecting back on your youth. This song is about missing the simplicity of your younger days, and most of all – missing your friends. It’s also an anthem for individuals whose memories include negative relationships, but don’t regret them – as they made you the person you are today. 

This is my first time co-producing a song! It’s meant to feel light and bubbly, like those perfect hazy summer evenings when you’re surrounded by the people you love. One of the hardest parts of this year has been missing time spent together with friends. “hazy” is my promise to not take the small, simple moments for granted again.

Thank you for listening – I’d be so grateful to have you share this song.  



Jesse Roper approaches his profession the same way he would make a mixtape. With barriers down and volume up. “For two weeks I’ll play hardcore blues, and then another two weeks in a row I’ll play classical, and then another two weeks all I want to do is play reggae,” Roper said, a mischievous smile crossing his face. “I’ll try anything.”

The B.C. singer-songwriter’s innate and impressive musical talent has served him well in recent years. It has given the flexibility to play with soul icon Booker T. Jones, rock veteran Colin James, and blues belter Beth Hart, Canadian legend Burton Cummings, then turn around and headline nightclubs and festivals to younger audiences, and look perfectly comfortable in each scenario. Adventuresome doesn’t properly describe Roper as an artist, because when the guitar-wielding dynamo sets out to accomplish something, there’s no telling where his mind will wander, or when his energy will go.

“I will be playing guitar for the rest of my life,” he said. “Whether I get paid to do it or not.”

BC born singer-songwriter Kandle Osborne is catharsis personified. Embodying equal parts cabaret chanteuse and ambitious rock singer, she’s covered everything in her inky blues-influenced songs from heartbreak, sexual assault, chronic illness and a loss of power, providing an immense release for her listeners with her treacle dipped voice. Kandle discovered a true love for music in Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey to name just a few. Strong influences from the fierce female greats of a gone era, Kandle writes, and sings exclusively with her heart; something so often void in the modern era of over produced perfection. Kandle sings honest and raw, vulnerable yet empowered, never afraid to pen even life’s heaviest moments.

While her EP, “Stick Around and Find Out”, may have been recorded under extraordinary circumstances (homeless and waiting out her legal troubles), Kandle streamlined her focus and vision. She steps into her self worth with the confidence of a true veteran who is capable of taking any situation and finding an opportunity for a deeper emotional connection. If her past has provided catharsis, her future is all about empowerment.

Cutting herself loose, she lands penniless with no fixed address, with only one way to start walking – forward. Her foray into independent release – new EP “Stick Around & Find Out…” was borne of this nomadic adventure, each track recorded in one day, in a different city, with the help of a talented few who reside there. From Nashville to London to Montreal, Kandle left with a suitcase and another song in her back pocket.

After years battling through the infamously cold and stark music industry and finally escaping the shackles of sour recording contracts, Kandle suddenly found herself in full control of her music. Kandle brings a seasoned performance to every line and every word, channeling over a decade of touring the globe including France, China, and North America. The ever-present cinematic quality to her music comes as no surprise, having both a Juno nomination for best music video and the Prism Prize under her belt for her song “Not Up To Me” off 2014’s critically acclaimed album In Flames. She also appears in Jack White’s 2018 music video for “Corporation”.

Growing up in the music industry as the daughter of Neil Osborne (5440) has provided Kandle’s artistry with a unique insight. There are no gimmicks here, no trite attempts at making playlist-friendly and disposable ear-candy. Instead, this is an artist at her most empowered and authentic. An artist who by sharing her own story of healing, can help us all do the same.

Sizzy Rocket is releasing an acoustic rendition of her latest single, “Rollerskating.” The single was released last month and met with instant praise from the likes of MTV, C-Heads, Office Magazine, and Culture Collide.

The acoustic video is a tribute to Laurel Canyon, where “Rollerskating” was first written and recorded. “[Laurel Canyon] is really magical and you can hear it in the song. The nighttime view in the beginning of the video is my best secret — you can see the whole city, it’s my absolute favorite.”

Sizzy Rocket is the cool best friend you wish you had growing up. In 2016, Sizzy released her debut album, THRILLSand the album’s lead single, “Bestie,” became a viral sensation, receiving praise from the likes of New York Magazine, PAPER, and BUSTLE. Since her initial breakout, Sizzy has continued to build a rabid fanbase with the release of a 2017 mixtape, Hot Summerand 2019 sophomore album, GRRRLSo far this year she’s released three singles, “THAT BITCH,” “Smells Like Sex” and “Rollerskating,” and is preparing to release a new full-length project this Fall.

Watch “Rollerskating” – Acoustic Video

Stream/Purchase “Rollerskating”

Los Angeles indie-pop band, The Mowgli’s, are excited to announce a new virtual concert performance taking place at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory via augmented reality on mobile phones. The new app-based platform will be available for download beginning today on both iPhone and Android devices. In support of their virtual debut, The Mowgli’s have prepared a career-spanning set of fan favorites as the music collective marks its tenth anniversary since formation in 2010.

Says the band: “When Covid hit, like most artists, we were all concerned about not being able to play shows for a while. Luckily, this opportunity came our way, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done. When we saw the technology utilized to bring the performance to life, our minds were blown. Now you can enjoy a Mowgli’s concert from anywhere, directly off your phone, and maybe scratch that concert itch we’re all missing so much this year.”

By simply downloading the free app at fans have the ability to launch their digital concert-going experience on-demand wherever they please using Buzznog’s cutting edge technologies. After using the phone’s camera to virtually place the AR stage, fans can then seamlessly engage with the performance itself with a variety of interactive features including options to activate fog, lighting and other special effects on-stage; position the cameras to ensure ideal sightlines throughout each song while also offering unique perspectives across the venue space; and dial up both audience participation and background noise from the virtual crowd.

The AR performances were shot on individual green screens and recorded in isolation by each band member to help ensure the health and safety of those involved. After the performances were recorded separately, the video footage from each member was digitized and then synced with the other bandmates, while the band’s custom backdrop videos were inserted to mirror their physical live show. A virtual replica of the iconic music venue was created from scratch in close collaboration between Buzznog and the Knitting Factory. Buzznog, a direct-to-fan immersive platform for live events and activations, has provided solutions for entertainment properties globally including Rolling Loud Music Festival, Breakaway Music Festival, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Big Machine, HSU Events, and Madison Square Garden Company, among others.

Spanish born and London raised, bilingual artist Jay Rico is at the forefront of genre-bending musical creativity with his new release ‘Mami’, accompanied by legendary Dancehall artist Serani.


The emerging star has previously kept a strong foothold in the UK rap scene, most notably with his K Koke collaboration on ‘Make It’, however the influences of afrobeats, R&B and dancehall have always been apparent in his string of underground hits such as ‘Jump On My Wave’, ‘Don’t Like Photo’s’ and ‘Papa Bless’, which have awarded him with shows alongside Nafe Smallz, Jay1 and House of Pharoahs. For the new single the balance tips as the dancehall and latino vibe takes centerstage adding an interesting and impressive new dimension to Jay Rico. Speaking on the release of ‘Mami’ he says: “I think this song proves that I can do more than just rap. My style is versatile and I think the dancehall/latin vibe is going to surprise my fans.”

With a smooth, impassioned mix of his Spanish roots combined with rap beats and rhythmic Dancehall, Jay Rico has created a music moment that captures a colourful spectrum of flavour. The video for ‘Mami’ was shot in Jamaica by award-winning director KIRX and features performances from both Jay Rico and Serani. Partnering up with Serani, who has over 100 million streams on Spotify and recently featured on Burna Boy’s Grammy-nominated album ‘African Giant, Jay Rico’s ‘Mami’ comes as the second offering in a trio of releases announced earlier this year.

 Check out MAMI out now across all DSP’s.

Credit: Nicole Ens

Circles” is an anthem dedicated to my fellow overthinkers who are accustomed to many sleepless nights overanalyzing and comparing their daily interactions with others. I have been wanting to incorporate the latin language and culture in my upcoming EP; the voice at the beginning is my mother’s reassurance that everything will be alright. Circles” details another day in which 3am has come and gone, the sun begins to rise. The bridge’s uplifting tones represent the dawn, with guest vocalists as songbirds, waking me into a new reality.

We can quickly create false perceptions that others have it easier than us. The chorus is a desire to live carefree with unshakeable confidence, like others seem to do effortlessly. Sometimes it takes other people jumping in with the truth to pull us out of anxiety, and away from flawed perceptions. We don’t have to allow worry to weigh us down into immobility. 

Appreciate you listening.

Denise Valle

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After over 2 years, Japanese singer-songwriter and music producer, Kenshi Yonezu, has officially released his long-awaited 5th studio album, STRAY SHEEP; along with a music video for “Campanella”. Fans all over the world showcased their excitement, as pre-sales for the album skyrocketed to 1 million copies, shipped out yesterday, August 4th. Over 65K fans eagerly waited in the YouTube Premiere Chatroom to watch Yonezu’s “Campanella” release last night, which is now sitting at over 2 million views. To celebrate this release, Yonezu will be collaborating with Fortnite, as the first Asian artist ever, for a virtual 2020 Event / STRAY SHEEP in Fortnite. It will be held within the Battle Royale Game, Fortnite on August 7th @ 7:00AM Eastern Daylight Time, simultaneously around the world. For those who are unavailable at this time, 2 encore shows are scheduled to take place at 1:00PM and 7:00PM on August 7th (Friday). With over 350 million registered players worldwide, Kenshi Yonezu will be able to showcase his talents globally appearing on the Fortnite Main Stage. For more information visit:


STRAY SHEEP consists of 15 songs; including Yonezu’s previously released smash hit “Lemon,” which ranked #1 on Billboard Japan’s annual cumulative charts for 2 years consecutively, making history as the first-ever act to do so. Furthermore, it’s been certified by the Japan Record Association for the fastest to achieve 3 million downloads, and the music video has broken the Japanese record for the most views; sitting at almost 600 million currently [watch here].

During these uncertain times and unconventional work environment due to Covid-19, Yonezu reflected a lot while working on the album, stating; “When I thought about how I’m going to live in this country from now on, I realized that many things were getting me emotional with anger, disappointment, and despair. But in the end, my only choice is to live in this country – in this world. Which led to the conclusion that all I can do is make pop songs. In the end, we need to affirm that we exist and need to live. It’s really easy to be pessimistic and let creativity flow with anger and sadness, but I felt that is not my role. So, I thought about the distant future, where people were living a healthy life reminiscing about “what happened during those times”. I may have been envisioning those scenes when creating this song.”

Kenshi Yonezu is no stranger to breaking records and making history; he recently became the first Japanese Artist to hit 5M Youtube subscribers, with music video views reaching over 2.8 billion total, and counting [Billboard article here]. On July 10th, Yonezu released the music video for “Kanden,” skyrocketed to 1M views in under 2 hours, and it currently sits at 30M. This single is off his upcoming album, and it debuted at No. 2 on the Japan Hot 100, blasting in at No. 1 for downloads with 158,572 units after dropping digitally July 6; stated by Billboard. The music video for “Kanden” marks Yonezu’s 13th music video to reach over 100 million views throughout his career.

On a Different Wave!” is my classy way of saying “fuck you” to the people who dragged me down, and that I’m doing better than ever without them.

Now available on all streaming platforms! Listen to “On a Different Wave!,” co-written with Mouth Breather, wherever you get your music –

When I was younger, I worked with incredibly controlling and suffocating men in music who wanted to keep me low to hold power over me. They were trying to control my art and tell me what I could and couldn’t do with it. It took me a while to realize what was happening to me. They wanted to keep me feeling small to feed their egos. This song is about distancing and removing myself from their universe.  

Don’t let people who belittle and undermine you convince you that you’re a lesser version of yourself. Cut them out and hone into the power of you, and all the beauty you have to offer this world. I’m dropping my very first EP soon, taking creativity into my own hands. 


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After realizing Gabe O’Brien-Szczesniak was not cut out for music school, he dropped out and made his first record. This is Low Float.

I’m new to dating again after a long relationship, so I’m having a bunch of unfamiliar feelings, like becoming fixated on my phone when I’m hoping to hear back from someone I’m into, even though I know better. My new single is about figuring out how to get over our own bad tendencies, even if it seems silly – in this case, just put the phone on “Airplane Mode.”

This song is a single from Simple Songs, my debut indie-pop album out on September 11th.

Watch the video for “Airplane Mode” on YouTube

Listen to “Airplane Mode” on SoundCloud ✈ Spotify ✈ Apple Music

I played lots of fun guitar layers and sang some dreamy vocals that I wanted to feature on “Airplane Mode,” and my producer Devon Henderson really helped give the song a summertime chill vibe that I love. Although this song might seem like it’s about pining for someone, “Airplane Mode” is actually about learning how to overcome our own shit, with whatever tricks we need to play on ourselves to do it, and reclaiming our peace of mind.

I am excited to share more music from my upcoming album with you ahead of its release. Thank you so much for listening!


Photo Credit: Taylor Florio

Cali Rodi is an explosive young star poised to pioneer pop back to its feel-good roots. Today, the Los Angeles-based artist is serving up her new single, “God Save The Queen,” a punchy pop track created with an all-star team consisting of producer Lindgren (Dua Lipa, BTS) and vocal producer Emily Wright (Britney Spears, Katy Perry). Stage Right Secrets exclusively premiered “God Save The Queen” today, calling it “an anthem for those feeling hopeless.”

The idea for “God Save The Queen” came to Cali after suffering a physical assault in broad daylight. No one helped her, no one wanted to get involved, and it got her thinking about how hard it is to be a woman existing in this world. “I wanted to create a song that gave me hope and strength because I felt powerless in the moment,” she writes. Resisting the ubiquitous ‘sad girl narrative,’ Cali has an uncanny ability to see the positive side of even the most jarring experiences, transforming her own struggles into empowering anthems. “It’s an understatement to say life is hard these days,” she quips, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little fun.”

Originally discovered in Nashville by superstar Keith Urban, Cali spent her formative years fine tuning her lyrical chops with the best of Music Row. She released her first single, “Party Favor,” in 2017 and it was added into rotation on Radio Disney for an impressive four months and featured on top Spotify and Apple Music playlists — no small feat for an independent artist’s debut.

Now living in Los Angeles and signed to Red Bull Songs for publishing, Cali has been hard at work with vocal producer Emily Wright, compiling an arsenal of unapologetic pop songs. Cali Rodi is ready to make the world a little brighter, one song at a time.

Stream/Purchase “God Save The Queen”:

Hot off the heels of her debut EP Pub Songs: Volume 1 hitting Number 1 on iTunes, rising British talent Josie Proto continues to make her mark with her fresh new single “Thank You”. The acoustic number hears Josie recount times in her life where she could have expressed more gratitude, cathartically thanking people that may have never been thanked across folksy guitar strums.

Josie explains of “Thank You”: “The song is incredibly literal; it came from remembering a friend of mine from when I was maybe 6 or 7 and wanting to know if I had same impact on him as he did on me. I wrote the lyrics almost instantly and the melody and chords came secondary for this one; it was really a poem before a song. There were so many stories of small, yet impactful meetings and crossings that I wanted to incorporate, but the ones that I felt were most important were ones that had either left me with a phrase that I have remembered or a sense of guilt. It’s amazing how a very small interaction can make you feel guilty about the most minute things. We kept the production simple, I wanted to maintain the raw and honest message without confusing, overpowering instruments. I hope ‘Thank You’ reminds people to be kind and grateful for the small things.”

An intriguing young artist, Josie’s witty lyrical style – delivered in a quintessentially British manner – shines across her debut EP Pub Songs: Volume 1, capturing teenage experiences through her sharp, amusing songwriting, hitting the top spot on the iTunes Pop Charts and Number 4 on the Albums Charts. A noteworthy set of stats are building for the British artist: 5M+ Tik Tok views, 50K+ across socials and 370K+ Spotify streams thanks to Josie’s endearing, playful approach to music instantly capturing the attention of millions (as well as Lily Allen) via her confidence-inducing viral track “BTEC Lily Allen”.

With top-tier tastemakers like CLASHEARMILK and Radio 1 amongst significant blog hype all championing this bright young talent, “Thank You” is sure to continue the buzz around the teenager.




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Australian singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell sold his house and belongings and moved to London in an effort to push his music career. Drawing on his memories of Australia’s oceans, beaches and open landscapes, Kingswell runs these through the gritty filter of London’s big city. His music delivers a cinematic feel, layered with dynamic movement and intricate guitars, all tempered with a deep emotionality. Kingswell provides a musical safe haven for listeners, through his heartfelt, gentle vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Reminiscent of artists such as Fink, Bon Iver, and James Vincent McMorrow, the songwriter presents his own take on indie folk, bestowing a ponderous serenity and something all his own.

His latest album Brontide is a stunning collection of 12 tracks, written peripherally while trying to focus in on a distant feeling. A feeling you can’t quite comprehend, or is just beyond your reach. Kingswell shares,  “I covered a lot of ground on Brontide. Both lyrically and sonically. Brontide is the low sound of distant thunder, and my take on that is evident in these songs. They’re the closest I’ve gotten to the truth.” Produced by James Bunton, the album speaks about hope, with even the saddest of songs leaning towards finding a light at the end of the tunnel. Leading single “Homesick” narrates Kingswell’s move from Australia to the UK. He confides, “I love living in the UK and I feel equally as lucky to get to go home to a place like Phillip Island. It’s the best of both worlds. But the feeling of being homesick comes and goes. It’s like that whole idle hands idea. As long as I’m busy and happy and in touch with my family regularly, I can make it work.” The track highlights evolving feverous guitars, organic instrumentation and raw vocals, resulting in a candid and relatable anthem. 

“There’s No Cure” tackles regret and everything that comes in hand with it. It speaks about how acknowledging past mistakes is a great way of moving on. Featuring honest, personal lyrics and glowing piano melodies, it’s a simple yet poignant song, sure to warm the heart. Then there is, “Now I’m Gone”. Stemming from the day he decided to leave Australia for good, the song is fuelled with emotion, coming to life through ethereal harmonies, resonating guitar melodies and echoing string arrangements, creating a dreamy and celestial release. 

Brontide showcases Kingswell’s ambition to find his own voice. He reveals, “I used some big brush strokes, but in saying that, I think I still managed to paint a picture.” Kingswell has been featured in numerous notable playlists including Spotify’s “gentle acoustic”, as well as Alex Rainbird’s YouTube channel. Brontide is slated for release October 23rd, via Audio Network – an eOne Company.

When I first began to write the lyrics for this song, I was in LA and just wanted to escape reality. I wasn’t comfortable in my current situation, having so many disappointments fighting the music business for the last 10 years. I often feel so different when I’m in another country and feel like there’s so many new opportunities that I feel like another person. On that trip, I began to see a little light out of the blurriness and started writing in the backyard of my Airbnb. Two years later, back in the studio, the song came to life.

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With the confinement and closed borders we are facing now, the urge to escape is heightened.
It’s okay to start all over again and to take risks. I hope “Runaway” serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to change things around and move on and take a different path.
Thanks for lending this song your time,

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After 10 years of classical operatic vocal training, Mathew V moved to London, England at the age of 17 to teach himself how to write pop music. Now only 22, Mathew has accomplished a lot since returning home to Vancouver. Mathew penned a deal with 604 records and his debut single “Tell Me Smooth” went top 40 on Canadian Radio (Hot AC/AC) for 18 weeks, peaking at #18. Mathew has written with the likes of Dan Mangan, DiRTY RADiO and on stage he’s opened up for the likes of Betty Who, Hanson, Daya, MAGIC! and more. His debut album “The Fifth” came out in the spring of 2018 and charted in both Canada and the US. The album earned critical acclaim from press outlets such as Nylon and Billboard, marking Mathew as an artist to watch. With strong roots in the LGBTQ+ community, Mathew has never shied away from expressing himself in his music, taking the cover of Spotify’s Global Pride playlist during Pride 2018. Now with a catalogue approaching 15 million online streams, Mathew is making new music, pushing his boundaries and preparing for what’s to come. Mathew’s current single “Missing Me” Featuring Jocelyn Alice is available worldwide via 604 Records.

Started by singer-songwriter/video artist Alex Pulec, The Nursery is an alternative rock trio with songs comment on the intense emotions of youth, contrasting themes of fear, rebellion, obsession, desire and alienation. After bursting onto the scene with their tongue-in-cheek breakout single “Everybody’s Famous”, The Nursery has earned song rotation and interviews on mainstream and independent radio stations in Canada, The United States and Mexico. Upon releasing their debut album Life After Wartime, the Nursery quickly became one of most exciting independent bands in Canada. Pulec’s songwriting effortlessly mixes the haunting intensity of The Cure, the bold sensuality of Julian Casablancas and the razor sharp classic pop song-craft of The 1975. The Nursery’s signature production style mixes post-punk intensity, psychedelic landscapes and larger than life melodies. Creating a sense of atmospheric eeriness, while feeling comfortably warm and familiar. The dynamic mix of sweet and sour subject matter and sounds are the core of their identity and charm.

2020 sees The Nursery teaming up with Michael Fong (Electric Youth, Wintersleep) and Nick Boyd (Dizzy, Hollerado, Royal Mountain) to produce their new album, Candy + Gloom. Their sophomore release is poised to generate significant momentum cementing the next chapter The Nursery’s exciting story.

Southern Ontario’s Kadeema are charting a new path with their debut eight-song EP, Napoleon Tornapart. Songwriters Jimmy Chauveau (vocals) and Tal Vaisman (guitar/vocals) began collaborating together in their former band, Ascot Royals, choosing to continue their creative partnership in the wake of the group’s dissolution. Taking their name from Vaisman’s hometown, which translates to ‘forward’ in Hebrew, the duo embraced its meaning. Napoleon Tornapart is a tongue-in-cheek collection of rock songs that range from empowering to reflective, capturing the ups and downs of day-to-day life. “It’s the natural process, standing on top of rooftops one day, and then the next day, you’re down in the gutter,” explains Chauveau. “It’s that back and forth, sort of taking it all in stride.”

Chauveau and Vaisman worked closely with producer and drummer, Isaac Carpenter (AWOLNATION, Duff McKagan, Adam Lambert) to create the EP. “At some point it felt like we started a band with him,” reflects Vaisman. Carpenter served as the group’s de facto third member, developing an environment that allowed Kadeema to write and record with complete freedom. This is heard in the record’s varied production, including “Beat Up Car,” which pairs triumphant riffs with blunt lyricism, acknowledging and exploring dejection and loss. Elsewhere, “Average Paranoid” harnesses dreamy guitar and pop vocals to poke fun at the ubiquity of daily stresses. The songs’ honesty extends to the approach that the band took to their production, allowing the tracks to lead them instead of trying to emulate the groups that formed their musical foundations. “A lot of these songs are a fun and upbeat way of dealing with the days in which life sucks,” reflects Vaisman. Lead single, “Gotta Get It,” features an infectious bass groove, juxtaposed by Chauveau’s admission of being “so tired of trying just to survive this.”

Kadeema’s writing questions their actions as individuals too. The introspective verses of “Good Lies” are a contrast from its anthemic chorus, which acknowledges that “the lows make the real highs.” The title Napoleon Tornapart, like the EP’s lyrics, juxtaposes adversity with humour. “It’s the idea that any human can be brought down by the day,” says Chauveau. “I love the idea of a military-esque man just broken over a table, almost like a Renaissance painting.” Kadeema have written a body of work that doesn’t shy away from their experiences of personal and professional imprisonment, yet it crucially harnesses the ability to rebuild and live honestly through life’s challenges. “We wrote the songs that felt like the right thing at the time because they really reflected our lives,” acknowledges Vaisman.

At the core of Napoleon Tornapart is a message that resonates, one of finding catharsis and light through one’s darkest moments. The EP affirms that it is okay to be struggling and to want more from one’s life. Through writing these songs, Kadeema have found empowerment and a renewed sense of identity.

Bernard and Rachel Chadwick are the husband-and-wife duo that create pop/rock music imbued with love and artisanship. Theirs is an enviable creative relationship built around making more of themselves and the world through collaboration. The band started while Bernard was earning his MFA at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. It was a way for rock to fuse into art and art to fuse into rock. This became the exact intention of their music going forward. The band’s incorporation of pop sensibilities, ethereal vocals, insightful lyrics and rock undertones give them a sound that is unique, fun and sure to keep you grooving.

Their summer single Heartbreak Away, released in July 2019, was featured on Apple Music’s Breaking Alternative and Alt Pop playlists. They are currently working to release their third full length album 17 due for release late August.

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