The PondHawks’ New Song “Invisible Stranger” Gives Hope During Pandemic

If you’ve never heard of the Chicago indie band, The PondHawks, you should give them a listen. This band has been making chart-topping music since 2010. They have a fan base of over 600,000 and have repeatedly topped the global Indie chart on Reverbnation’s 4 million artists platform. Several of their releases have made the Grammy ballot and Top 10 year-end lists.

The PondHawks’ appeal is that they sound like no other band. They stand out from the current crop of Indie and Top 40 artists because their music has an edge.

The band’s music is influenced by a variety of classic rock legends and has a unique musical quality of its own. Carved with a signature sound that echoes The Beatles, ELO and Wings, The PondHawks have transformed their music into a retro-infused, ‘now’ sound. You won’t hear a song in their catalog that sounds like the last one. What you will hear is a creative band that can be easily identified by their music. A refreshing change and a bold move by the unsigned band that refuses to follow today’s trend.

The PondHawks are not just musicians, they are storytellers. They write about love, romance, life, dreams and beauty, but they also embrace life’s struggles – pain, disillusionment and loss through their own personal experiences. Songs are poetically rich with expression and thought. No words are ever wasted.

Their new song “Invisible Stranger” is a high-energy rocker inspired by the angst of the world pandemic. The synth intro is an attention getter that draws you into the song. Mario Novelli’s lead vocals are expressive and powerful as he takes you on the unprecedented journey. Jorie Gracen’s tight harmonies compliment the exquisite vocal acuity that is so unique to this duo.

“Invisible Stranger” is melodic and fueled with emotion carefully structured by the intensity of the music. The band’s creativity soars as the levels rise mirroring what so many of us are feeling at this time. The song erupts with a burst of manic keyboards, drums, guitar and synth creating a musical hurricane. Mario and Jorie’s vocals reflect the uncertainty as the crescendo builds. The song climaxes with Mario and Jorie’s wonderful vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics that give the listener a feeling of hope.

“Invisible Stranger” will be released by Riverpool Records on all platforms, Thursday, August 13th.

Listen to “Invisible Stranger” by The PondHawks on Reverbnation here:

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