What to Watch: Lucifer, Lovecraft Country, Darcey and Stacey

We’re officially entering the end of summer, and that means there is not as much TV to go around. 

Don’t fret, however, there are some new shows on the horizon. From Lucifer to Lovecraft Country, there is a decent amount on offer. 

Find out what we recommend below. 

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Saturday, August 15

9/8c Wedding Every Weekend (Hallmark)

Is there a better place than the singles table at a wedding to meet someone new?

In this fun Hallmark movie, Nat (Paul Campbell) and Brooke (Kimberley Sustad) are both attending the same four wedding four weeks in a row.

To avoid getting set up and facing being at that singles table, they decide to go together as “wedding buddies.”

Something tells me that their attempts to remain single will result in them being anything but as they grow closer with each wedding date.

Sunday, August 16

8/7c 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? (TLC)

The truth about Colt is out there and Jess does not react in the best way to it. 

With his time in Brazil coming to an end, can the pair craft a relationship, or is it game over?

Meanwhile, Asuelu breaks down in front of his deranged mother over her constant nagging for support. 

How does his sister react to his excuses?

And, you’re not going to want to miss the most explosive argument to date. We’re not telling you which couple, so you’ll need to tune in. 

8/7c Big Brother: All-Stars (CBS)

Memphis is Head of Household, and he’s either going to choose the safe route or shake things up. 

He’s been a bit of a wildcard, and we’re going to assume he will want everyone to play in the safety competition. 

Yep, we’re getting the results of the competition, nominations, as well as a new bunch of have-nots. 

9/8c Yellowstone (Paramount)

With only two episodes left in the season, things are bound to get out of hand on the Yellowstone.

What will the gang tackle first? Will it be related to Wade Morrow or Jamie’s paternity? There are so many great places to kick off the madness.

Here’s what we DO know. Jamie confronts his past, Rip approaches Kayce about an old problem, and the bunkhouse crew looks to defend one of their own.

Are you ready for this?

9/8c Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Tonight marks the debut of this heady blend of horror and social commentary.

This eight-episode adaptation of the 2016 Matt Ruff novel by Misha Green (Underground) follows a Korean War veteran hunting for his missing father.

This search takes him, his uncle, and his childhood friend on a harrowing drive East through racist 1950s America, with monsters to be found everywhere along the way.

9/8c P-Valley (Starz)

Mercedes and Autumn draw closer as they team up in a financial scheme.

Keyshawn and L’il Murda work together to promote their careers.

Uncle Clifford picks an unusual partner in her efforts to save The Pynk.

10/9c Darcey and Stacey (TLC)

The Silva twins of 90 Day Fiance fame are getting their own show, and it promises to give us more insight into their lives. 

We’ll meet more of their family, find out about their new men, and, of course, witness all of the drama on a more permanent basis. 

Both women are at very different stages in life, and we’re sure it will make for great TV.

10/9c NOS4A2 (AMC)

The desperate mission to save Wayne takes two heroes into a deadly Christmasland, but there’s a decent amount of action elsewhere. 

With Charlie’s Inscape being filled with horrors, will anyone survive?

More importantly, will Millie hold up to her end of the deal with Vic? 

Yep, this is a great episode!

Monday, August 17

8/7c 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way (TLC)

What the heck happened to Drascilla? That’s the big question heading into this episode because of the crafty TLC editing. 

And, you can bet your bottom dollar that Jihoon will get the blame, because everyone loves to blame him. 

Jenny gears up to meet Sumit’s parents, but will it be the same drama, but on a different day?

Wednesday, August 19

8/7c The 100 (CW)

Is there hope for Bellamy Blake? 

After eveything that happened while he was away, it seems the old Bellamy is gone for good, and everyone has to move on. 

With a new day dawning on Sanctum, what peril awaits everyone?

9/8c The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo)

Does Brandi Glanville kiss and tell? 

It sure seems that way after the preview for the next episode of this long in the tooth reality series. 

Denise Richards thought all of the drama was over, but Brandi sets out to set the record straight, and it may be the end of her relationship with the women.

Friday, August 21

Chemical Hearts (Amazon Prime)

This is a sweet movie starring Lili Reinheart and Austin Abrams.

Henry Page has never experienced anything exciting until Grace moves to town, and he falls in love with the mysterious newcomer.

All of their teenage feelings are elevated as they brush with love while editing the high school paper.

Lucifer (Netflix)

Oh, how you all have waited for his return!

Well, gang, Lucifer is in hell, so even when the show airs, you’ve got a little more soul searching to do.

His brother hits the scene, and there is nothing that can prepare for the havoc he wishes to wreak on his brother’s other kingdom.

The good news is that we will have full reviews of every episode dropping over the weekend of the premiere. You’re welcome!

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