Cozy Mysteries New Releases: How to Keep Track?

Are you tired of realizing that you missed cozy mysteries new releases in your favorite cozy series? For instance, did you know Egg Drop Dead, the fifth book in the Noodle Shop series, is already out? Or that the sixth book, Killer Kung Pao, is pending release later in the year? What about A Deadly Scoop Inside, the first book in the fantastic new Ice Cream Parlor Mystery Series?

We understand that it can be hard keeping up with the latest cozy mysteries new releases, no matter how much you want to! Whether it is the best cozy mysteries of all time, or culinary cozy mysteries to satisfy the food-loving sleuth in you, we have your back. Maybe you are tired of waiting for Halloween and want to get started on your spooky but cozy reading, early we have you covered. Want to take a deep dive into what makes the cozy mystery genre so appealing? Take a brief tour.

From there, we have a few more ways for you to stay up to date with the new releases! Here’s how.

Book Riot Insiders

So you have made your way through the lists and are looking for something that is updated in real-time. The Insiders New Release Index does just that. There is a two-week trial period so you can experience the magic for yourself before fully committing. What makes it so magical, one may ask? Here’s what. It is a carefully curated database by our book experts, where they load up all the information (title, author, cover, price, page count, synopsis, etc) of upcoming releases. This update takes place every week! I just found out recently that All the Devils Are Here, 16th book in the Inspector Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny, is coming out September 1! You can filter by genre, books you have previously liked, or if you just want some help and want to go with what Liberty (Our New Release Expert) recommends, it’s all there. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


Another good place to catch up on your releases is through the Amazon’s New Release page. You can filter as needed by genre and away you can go! While not as interactive as the Insiders index, it features a decent collection. Just in time for the Women in Translation Month, I found Auntie Poldi and the Handsome Antonio by Mario Giordano, which is a translated mystery series set in Sicily.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has a good page for viewing what new books have been released. It labels the new releases Bestseller and New Release, which gives you a rough idea of which series might be doing well. This might help you decide if you are on the fence about a potential favorite series. I recently discovered Execution in E by Alexia Gordon, which is the fifth book in a series featuring musical instruments!


While this does not help you keep track of what is coming out, it organizes what the critics are saying in one place. It averages the reviews and decides among the criteria of “Rave,” “Positive,” “Mixed”, and “Pan”. One of the books that I discovered through this was the Nacho Average Murder which is the seventh book in the Country Store Mystery series. I am a firm believer that not every book is for everyone and reading it for yourself is always the best way to form an opinion, but still think this is a great place to refer to if you are undecided or simply want to join the conversation. I often come over here to see what critics are saying about my favorite books.


Another good place to find new releases in the cozy mystery genre is Goodreads. There are some avid fans of the cozy mystery genre on here and you might discover new to you series to catch up on. One that I recently discovered was Deadhead and Buried, which is the first in the English Cottage Garden Mysteries. The best thing about this list is the ability to rate a title or immediately add it to one of your shelves, that might possibly be labelled ‘Read Immediately’.

Other Ways To Find Cozy Mysteries New Releases

Some publishers also have excellent interfaces on their websites to view and order what has been released. You can go here to see the new releases out from Penguin Random House, and here for the ones out from Simon & Schuster.

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