The Best New Shows to Stream March 15, 2019 – Shrill, Turn Up Charlie, and Queer Eye Season 3

Curse daylight saving time for snatching an extra hour of TV bingeing time from us. But before you get too down (or tempted to pursue outdoor activity in relatively nice weather), remember that streaming services have a bounty for you that’s worth the price of staying in. Snuggle up this weekend with the highly anticipated premiere of Shrill, based on Lindy West’s popular memoir; Turn Up Charlie, a new Idris Elba film where he plays a DJ; and the return of the Fab 5 for Season 3 of Queer Eye.

These recommendations courtesy of TV Guide are here to help you through your weekend binge. And if you’re looking for even more suggestions, head over to TV Guide’s Watch This Now! page, which has hand-picked recommendations for all the best shows you can start watching immediately.

1. Shrill

Based on Lindy West’s memoir, Shrill is quickly about to become Hulu’s second most-talked-about original series (next to The Handmaid’s Tale). Centering on Annie (Aidy Bryant), the show follows her journey to self-acceptance as she begins to step more and more into the limelight. A woman who has always tried to minimize herself because of her size, Annie’s evolution in Shrill asks us why being fat precludes her from falling in love, becoming a rising literary star, and just generally speaking her mind. It’s a sweet, soft origin story of the kind of woman we all hope to grow up to be: one without doubts.

2. Turn Up Charlie

Here’s the only thing you need to know: Idris Elba made a show loosely based on his side hustle as a DJ. The eight-episode Netflix sitcom is equal parts sweet and silly. It revels in its corniness (yes, there are multiple scenes of club crowds waiting for the beat to drop), but underneath the hijinks-filled premise — a washed up DJ named Charlie is hired by his famous childhood friend to nanny his precocious daughter — there’s kernel of something genuine. Charlie’s relationship with Gabby (Frankie Hervey), the hellspawn he’s hired to look after, is the true gooey center of the show, and the ways in which they change and shape each other are wholesome enough to make Turn Up Charlie worthy of a quick Saturday binge.

3. Queer Eye

The Fab 5 is back and better than ever in Season 3 of Queer Eye. One of the biggest hits of 2018, Netflix’s reboot of the show pushed the original’s boundaries to highlight and showcase communities that were previously overlooked. This season has some truly special, standout guests, including a pair of sisters who run one of the most famous and beloved BBQ joints in the South. Get ready to take notes, because the Fab 5 whips through miraculous transformations with a sentimentality and speed that would even spark joy in Marie Kondo.

If you’re still looking for something to watch, remember to check out TV Guide’s Watch This Now! feature. It’s full of hand-picked recommendations, from the talked-about shows to the gems you can’t afford to pass up.

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