Donovan Woods Details New Album ‘Without People’

Donovan Woods has announced plans for his new album, Without People. The Canadian singer-songwriter’s follow-up to 2018’s Both Ways, the full-length project will be released November 6th.

Recorded remotely by Woods and backing musicians during quarantine, Without People shows Woods exploring various aspects of human connection. The first release, “Grew Apart,” is a looser, funkier number that depicts someone struggling to hide his real feelings about a breakup, while the more recent “Clean Slate” describes the sensation of falling in love and wishing the past could be wiped away. Woods worked with a diverse group of collaborators on Without People, including Katie Pruitt (who sings on “She Waits for Me to Come Back Down”), Tucker Beathard, Tom Douglas, and Ashley Monroe.

In conjunction with the new album, Woods launched the Donovan Woods With People Project to support creators in marginalized communities from North America, the U.K., Sweden, Kenya, and more. Woods will work with the creators to come up with an interpretation of each song on With People, whether in dance, illustration/design, painting, and more. The first illustration, for “Clean Slate,” was produced by Toronto-based Iris Li.

Without People tracklist:

  1. “Without People” (Donovan Woods, Drew Jurecka)
  2. “The Last Time I Saw You” (Woods, Jake Etheridge)
  3. “Seeing Other People” (Woods, Dustin Christensen)
  4. “We Used To” (Woods)
  5. “She Waits For Me To Come Back Down” feat. Katie Pruitt (Woods, Katie Pruitt)
  6. “Clean Slate” (Woods, Jeremy Spillman, Tucker Beathard)
  7. “Man Made Lake” (Woods, Ed Robertson)
  8. “Interlude” (Woods, Travis Wood, Tom Douglas)
  9. “Lonely People” feat. Rhys Lewis (Woods, Dustin Christensen, Jessie Jo Dillon)
  10. “Grew Apart” (Woods, Wood, Logan Wall)
  11. “Whole Way Home” (Woods, Andy Skib, Thomas Finchum)
  12. “High Season” (Woods, Ashley Monroe)
  13. “God Forbid” (Woods, Robertson)
  14. “Whatever Keeps You Going” (Woods, Wall, Femke Weidema)

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