Story Behind the Song: Ross Ellis, ‘Love Blind’

Ross Ellis‘ single “Love Blind” is a prayer about his real-life relationship, with his girlfriend Brittany. The couple met at a festival in 2019 — Ellis was playing, and while her friends headed off to watch another artist’s set, she stuck around to see him — and despite the distance between his home in Nashville and hers in Portland, Ore., the two have kept their love strong.

Below, Ellis shares the story behind “Love Blind,” in his own words.

That was a special one I wrote with my friend Allison Veltz, who is on “Buy and Buy” with me … She’s awesome; she’s an angel … and Mr. Zach Kale, an incredible artist, singer in his own right.

That day, I had them on the calendar, and actually, my girlfriend from Portland, Ore., was in, and I was like, “I want to write a song for you today,” and so that’s what we did. She got to come in at the end of the song, while I was singing the vocal on it.

The song was just — it was like, okay, finally I’ve found this amazing thing … and the song itself is a prayer, just to, dear Lord, let’s keep this thing going, ’cause it’s pretty amazing.

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