New Co-op Features Explored in ‘Wasteland 3’ Trailer

With Wasteland 3 hitting on August 28, inXile Entertainment has released a new trailer that explores one of the more intriguing aspects of the latest entry in the post-nuclear roleplaying series: Co-operative play.

In Wasteland 3, you can start a new game either in co-op mode, or continue your previously-saved games in co-op. The person who hosts the game will determine who controls which characters, and who controls joint conversations. You and your friends can then go around the city, finding different quests and talking to different people at the same time. On top of that, each of you will be able to control his/her own conversation options.

Best of all, there are some co-op-only features in the game. This includes the potential of turning in quests to two rival NPCs at the same time for double the reward, for example. Of course, if you’re the type to screw with your friends, you can also do things like spread rumors around them at your base, or even steal their clothes.

As for when you finish a co-op playthrough, you’ll have a save from the last checkpoint that you’d left the game, giving you the option to continue the game on your own, or with a friend once again.

Wasteland 3
will launch for PC via and Xbox One. The title will also be available through Xbox Game Pass and the Microsoft Store. An Xbox Series X version is also in the works, which will launch when the console arrives.

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