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Fashion Designers To Follow On Instagram: Christy Dawn, Wolven, Carly Burson of Tribe Alive

Sustainability and the implementation of eco-friendly production is something the fashion industry has been striving towards for years. While today’s leading fashion brands still have a way to go before the industry sees major change, there are still designers out there putting their love for the planet and passion for green living into their clothing lines. All founded and operated by strong, creative women across the globe, check out these sustainable fashion brands who are making environmental awareness and empowerment through style more than just a trend.

Christy Dawn (@christydawn)

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Designer Christy B. is the co-founder and chief creative officer of sustainable fashion brand, Christy Dawn. Her love for vintage dresses and contemporary style are fused with neutral tones to create a fashion line that “honors mother earth.” The clothing line features everything from sweaters to loungewear all made from eco-friendly products. The mission of Christ Dawn’s designs is to show how we are all humans connected through each other and the Earth. From repurposed fabrics to their farm-to-closet initiative, this brand is taking major action in ensuring that sustainable fashion can have an impact on the world.

Wolven (@wolven)

Founders Kiran Jade and Will Ryan are the names behind the sustainable swimwear line, Wolven. The brand caught the attention of many when many celebrities began to embrace the brand’s mission of making “sustainability sexy.” Implementing their love for coastal adventures and beachwear, the two creatives put together hippie haute couture designs that are now signature to every piece from bikinis to joggers. Wolven thrived this past summer selling swimsuits made from recycled fabric and partnering with organizations to help them keep track and offset their carbon emissions. Jade and Ryan implement the idea of “wild and bold” into their designs, making each piece unique, fun, and memorable.

Carly Burson of Tribe Alive (@tribealive)

Putting her years of fashion-industry experience to the test, Carly Burson, had the vision to design goods that would allow artisans worldwide to access a global marketplace. Teaming up with eight creative women to help bring her vision to life, Tribe Alive was born in 2014. The collections are Tribe Alive are made from eco-friendly materials that allow pieces to be worn for years and years. Supporting artisans in Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, India, and Peru, Tribe Alive is dedicated to improving the fashion industry through eco-friendly production, fair wages, environmental awareness, and accessible pricing. Support their mission by shopping online today to encourage other members of the fashion industry to follow in Tribe Alive’s footsteps.

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