Actor Derek Webb

Epping N.H. /LA Hollywood Derek Webb Former Playgirl Magazine star & Fitness star had and as of on the date of 10/15/2020 signed on with Acid Bath Productions out of LA & Hollywood to a new film Production cameo Film Tiled “Hollywood Werewolf” featuring comedian Actor Andy Dick Directed by James Balsamo.

Derek Webb is a former playgirl magazine star & Fitness star from New Hampshire who after speaking to the director of the film James Balsamo Derek Webb agreed to be a part and take part in the movie role as a werewolf role in the film for spoiler reasoning Derek Webb & The cast crew of the film & its Production agency would not release to many details of the film how ever Derek Webb said the movie titled Hollywood Werewolf fits the crew set theme format for the film its self Derek Webb says hes happy pleased very excited to be offered his very 1st Hollywood premier Film role in especially Hollywood film featuring Hollywood comedian & Actor Andy Dick Derek Webb says he will be working closely with his fellow cast ,team film directors on his role and helping produce bring his role as a werewolf character alive in the film for the audience fans to get great taste fell for the film the film staring Derek Webb & Comedian Actor Andy Dick is in pre-production format and is set all ready begun filming as for a release date no set official release date has been set for film how ever Derek Webb is pleased very Happy to be apart of something so great he says & very thankful to be working along side such amazing Cast and crew & director & can not wait to take his werewolf like feature to the fans screen & Audience.

The film is currently in the pre-production stage in filming is has just begun as far as the official time release date for the film staring both Derek Webb & Comedian Actor Andy Dick there has been no set release date in place but cast crew are hard at work working on this film & its features for its audience

The film Hollywood Werewolf is one of Derek Webb’s very first feature films for the fitness star and former playgirl magazine star entertainer.

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