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Book Review “Waiting For Adam: Interviews and Obsessions”

“Waiting For Adam” is a fiery excursion through an unfamiliar realm of stardom and glamour experienced by a small few like that of Eileen Shapiro who journeyed from celebrity to celebrity in hopes of interviewing Adam Ant, the legendary punk idol of the 80’s. While collecting a resume strong and impressive enough to be able to ask the 80’s icon for an interview, Shapiro traveled to the most intriguing places and met the most illuminating and influential people. Splitting her time between jet-setting, family, her public relations business, and journalism she managed to realize her dream.

“Waiting For Adam” shares the interviews from artists including Diana Ross, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bernhard, Emma Stone, Brooke Shields, Spandau Ballet, Rick Springfield, Jennifer Nettles, Stephen Perkins, Scott Page, Billy Porter, Rosie O’Donnell, Dionne Warwick, Fred Schneider, Tiffany Haddish, and a long list of others. The book is also embraced with over a hundred whimsical photos taken by celebrity photographer Billy Hess.

Then there’s that long awaited intimate interview with Adam that was published by Louder Than War, which is one of the most influential music magazines out there today. If you’re not particularly an Adam Ant fan than be assured there is still something in the book for you. It’s a story of how following a dream relentlessly does pay off.

The book has elements of humor, excitement and adventure. It’s full of heart and color and vision. It’s opulent, it’s decadent, and inspirational. It’s written in the most interesting way, full of life and wonder….

5/5 Stars

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