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Are we living in a simulation or in a material world driven by a simulation?

by Alexander Popoff

“…each man explains in his own way the fact that the human will is not free…Everything is determined…by forces over which we have no control…for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance…intoned in the distance by an invisible player.”

Albert Einstein

In search of the invisible player

The universe is homogeneous (it looks the same everywhere on a large scale) and very old. There is every reason to believe that it should be teeming with legions of space civilizations. Numerous solutions have been proposed to the key question of why there is no hard evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. This great number of proposed hypotheses, which flood the pages of books, magazines, academic journals, newspapers, and the internet, indicates that there is still no satisfactory explanation of this major conundrum.

However, if we assume that for some reason the space civilizations in our universe started at about the same time (the equal start hypothesis), we get a very elegant resolution to the Fermi paradox: the universe is teeming with living beings, but since they are at almost the same level of development, most of the numerous intelligent races still have not contacted, or have not found, evidence of the existence of other advanced creatures. They, just like humans, are making their first steps into deep space.

What could be the reason for such an equal start to intelligence?

The equal start hypothesis presupposes a factor or factors providing such an equal start. It could be something that “forbids” the emergence of sophisticated life before a certain point in time, like frequent gamma-ray explosions, constant impacts from large comets and asteroids, massive volcanic eruptions, disastrous climate changes, and other devastating natural events on a universal and galactic scale.

However, there is also a more complex explanation. There are clues and evidence that life in our universe is orchestrated.

All life in our universe is based on hard competition in order for Nature to accelerate evolution, thus providing (bio)diversity, quality, and quantities of civilizations.

The level of competition should be defined very well.

If the competition is too tough, the rate of death and destruction resulting from rivalry (wars, revolutions, religious clashes, crime, all sorts of accidents, jealousy, and so on) becomes too high and the development will eventually slow down — human (or alien), industrial, financial, infrastructural, and other losses turn into stopping factors. This is especially important when intelligent species develop immensely destructive technologies like nuclear, chemical, biological, Artificial Intelligence, robotic, nanotechnological, and other weapons of mass destruction: even if they survive, the devastation and havoc could be so huge that the civilizations might not recover in a reasonable period of time; they would be assimilated or destroyed by their competitors — human or alien.

If the level of competition is too easy, then the destruction and the frequency of death within a given population as a consequence of competition is significantly reduced and people enjoy a comfortable life; however, the rate of development would be insufficient, and such civilizations might not survive the rivalry.

Biological life and all human history on Earth are actually a story of tough competition and the struggle for survival: between the Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals, between individuals, tribes, states, companies, species, religions, languages… Hundreds of millions of people have died as a result of the competition on Earth. Billions more will die in the years to come.

Nothing and no one can escape it.

The refusal to compete and evolve means certain death to any civilization.

If future humans, in whatever physical form they are, develop below expectations, they will be deleted by our space competitors. Only the best will survive, the rest will be annihilated. When it comes to fast evolution, there is no mercy.

The intelligent races can compete, cooperate, and progress successfully only if they are at about the same level of development. The later-emerging space civilizations could hardly survive a real competition with sentient beings, who would be far ahead of them.

Could the prominent Exercitus Romanorum (the army of the Roman Empire) defeat a modern army? No way!

Roman scientists couldn’t even imagine the science, technologies, and weapons of our present armies. They had absolutely no idea about nuclear bombs, which could destroy all creatures on a given planet. Roman military specialists did not have the slightest notion about computers, radios, radars, satellite radio communications, observation satellites, common army rifles, pistols, machine guns, modern artillery, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, missiles, nuclear, and regular submarines that can stay underwater for months and cross oceans…The list of all available modern weapons is very long.

Analogously, we cannot even imagine the science, technologies, weapons, and the power of an alien civilization only 2,000 years ahead of us, especially taking into account the exponential development of modern science and technology.

Researchers normally suggest great age differences between the cosmic races — millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of years, taking into account that the universe originated about 13.8 billion years ago and assuming that sentient creatures are emerging at a constant rate.

The late-emerging civilization cannot survive competition with superior space races.

Stephen Hawking stated that, “Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers…I think the human race has no future if it doesn’t go into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet.”

All space civilizations will follow such survival strategy and will colonize space, fighting with each other for resources and Goldilocks planets and natural satellites. If humanity wants to survive, it also should compete (even wage grand-scale or local wars) for resources and space bodies to be colonized.

The equal start hypothesis suggests that accurate timing is very important for complex systems; it is even of crucial importance, because instead of a universe filled to the brim with fit, intelligent races, there might be one or only a few of them, which would never reach such a high level of development as a legion of hard-competing civilizations would.

If the emergence of space civilizations is orchestrated, it is reasonable to expect that the universe, life, and intelligence are subjects of a creative external guiding agency, chance events, and of evolution through natural selection.

Is evolution both natural and assisted?

Is humanity a designer civilization?

Can we find evidence that we are really under the control of a superior intelligence?

The Fatima phenomenon is among the best documented cases, confirming control the humans by an external agency.

In 1917, some very striking events happened near the small town of Fatima in Portugal. A large crowd of 100,000 people observed the Miracle of the Sun. The events were officially accepted as a miracle by the Roman Catholic Church. Some researchers claim that it was a mass UFO sighting or a rare meteorological event.

On October 13, 1917, the lawyer Dr. José Garrett, armed with binoculars, was standing on the rim of a hollow field called Cova da Iria with a commanding view of the entire area. He counted more than a hundred thousand people there.

Dr. Garrett wrote a detailed report on this event. Newspaper reporters were also in attendance. They took testimony from many people who witnessed extraordinary solar activity and other strange events.

The large crowd had gathered there because three young shepherd children had seen several times a female apparition (some people believed it was the Virgin Mery) who predicted a few months earlier that at high noon at that day she would perform a great miracle “so that all people may believe!”

The big day was gloomy and rainy. The sky was covered with clouds and it was still raining.

At noon the rain stopped and the sun started breaking through. It began to wander within the circle of the receded clouds. It seemed pale, like a ball of snow. Then the solar disk began to rotate about its center at a rather high velocity.

The most astonishing thing was that the people were able to stare at the solar disc for a long time, brilliant with light and heat, without hurting their eyes or damaging their retinas.

Everything around turned into different colors.

The sun was spinning rapidly like a fire-wheel, throwing beams of many colors. The people and everything around were stained with the colors of the rainbow. The sun seemed literally to dance in the sky.

A witness said, “The seconds seemed like hours, so vivid were they.”

The people were enchanted by a remarkable spectacle in the sky of a kind they had never seen before.

Then the sun turned blood red; it suddenly stopped spinning and seemed to come down in a zigzag, strongly radiating heat, threatening to burn and smash the earth. It came rapidly closer and closer, with increasing size and brilliancy. A terrible moment!

The people cried, “It comes down! It comes down!”

Most of the panicked people thought their last hour had come. They were weeping and expecting the end of the world at any moment. The crowd felt the terrible heat of the huge, fiery sun that was coming down.

The people believed it was the end of the world.

Some were losing their senses.

The crowds were making a tremendous noise. Most of them were crying out to God for mercy. Many were confessing their sins aloud, asking God to pardon their sins. Parents were throwing themselves protectively over their children. A few were trying to run away from the falling sun. Some were simply paralyzed with fear.

The great ball of fire stopped just as it was about to crash upon the earth, and the sun was back in its usual place.

The great terror of being burned and smashed by the huge, fiery sun was followed by an enormous feeling of joy and relief.

Many people were on their knees, crying, praying really hard, or calling on the Virgin Mary. They were fully convinced — it was a miracle, a real miracle! There is a God in the Heavens! Atheists were converted! People shouted, “I believe! I believe! I believe!”

Despite the attempts of photojournalists, the phenomenon itself could not be photographed. In the pictures we can see only crowds looking at the sky.

The solar phenomenon was not observed in any observatory.

The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, many religious miracles, numerous UFO sightings, and other phenomena, while witnessed by most of the people present, are usually never witnessed by all of them. Some of the Fatima witnesses that day, including believers, reported that they saw only cloudy skies.

These “anti-witnesses” are actually very useful for researchers because we know that such striking events didn’t really happen, but are controlled hallucinations (visual and emotional) created by a superior entity.

Hallucinations could also originate in the unconscious mind of individuals as a product of their vivid imagination or pathology — but a group of such people never have the same hallucinations simultaneously.

The researcher Andrija Puharich wrote in his book about Uri Geller that once when driving in the desert, Puharich, Geller, and another witness saw a huge spaceship but the three military personnel in the front seat were unable to see it. Andrija Puharich also recorded other occasions when he and Uri Geller could see UFOs that the other individuals present could not observe.

Many such events happened only in the controlled mind of the witnesses.

In some cases when the witnesses tried to touch an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft, robot, or aliens, they couldn’t feel anything — the hand passed right through it as if it were a ghost image or phantasm. In other cases the contactees touched the alien spaceship and felt the cold or warm metal surface but when your mind is under control, you can’t be sure of anything.

Maybe the Near-Death-Experience (NDE) phenomena could shed some additional light on the mind control riddle.

A near-death experience, numerous instances of which have been widely reported (many of them by physicians), is an experience most often associated with impending death or a severe life-threatening illness or event, encompassing multiple possible sensations such as detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, and warmth, a life review, the presence of a bright light and creatures of light, meeting dead relatives and friends, etc.

Many near-death patients reported being able to watch and recall events during the time of cardiac arrest and resuscitation procedures. They were clinically dead with flatlined brain activity but later these people can describe with accuracy what the doctors and the nurses have done on their bodies in the hospital room, watching them and their bodies from above. Their claims were later confirmed by hospital personnel.

How could clinically dead patients with flatlined brain activity receive, process, and memorize visual and audio information about the cardiac arrest and the resuscitation procedures?

A probable explanation is that part of what we consider human consciousness is not in the brain. And second, there is another observational system that processes and records visual and audio information which is delivered to the patients when they are conscious again. The normal visual vantage point of the humans is through their physical eyes. The usual vantage point during NDEs is above the human body; it could also move freely through closed doors, walls, bodies of people, etc.

What are these mysterious “eyes” that “float” above the patients that can move through walls, closed doors, and people?

In a computer-generated simulation one can choose freely the perspective from which a character or a game player looks at the artificial environment. The displayed vantage point of the viewer allows the digitally simulated space to be seen from various angles and observation points, as if looking through a mobile surrogate set of eyes or a virtual camera. There is no need for material eyes and cameras. One can also move the virtual camera at will through closed doors, walls, and bodies of people.

Our reality seems to be material but it also looks like a simulation controlled by an extremely complex (far beyond our comprehension) super-intelligent, sophisticated data processing System inextricably coupled with the universe, living creatures, and the intelligences.

Secondly, the NDEs show that part of the human mind is not in the brain but in the System.

In 1998 Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper published an article in the “Journal of Near-Death Studies” about blind people (including those blind from birth) who have vividly visual NDEs or out-of-body experiences not associated with NDEs. There is no other explanation of such cases except that there is a System controlling the environment and minds of humans. It is observing the surroundings and sometimes delivers visuals into the mind of blind individuals.

Near-death-experiencers see real events from their lives as though they are scenes from a movie about themselves. They view themselves from a third-person perspective.

A NDE witness remembers, “It wasn’t like I was watching it all from my perspective at the time. It was like the little girl I saw was somebody else, in a movie, one little girl among all the other children out there playing on the playground.”

Near-death-experiencers don’t see their life reviews from their own perspectives, but from the perspective of a virtual camera of the controlling agency.

Some researchers and ordinary people (religious and nonreligious) suggest that NDEs are evidence of consciousness (eternal soul) existing separately from the body, which could be explained as existence of life after death.

NDEs are not a proof of afterlife. The incredibly vivid, real, and mind-blowing experiences are just records of the System controlling our minds, including our emotions. Probably this mind manipulation has to convince humans to believe in afterlife and not to fear death, at least not so much. And that their insignificant, trivial, and often failed lives will have a real value in the reincarnations to come.

Many people are convinced that during spiritism séances they are communicating with their beloved dead relatives or friends because the medium talking with the dead individuals is reporting particulars not known to external parties; the channeled deceased person uses specific family jokes, words, and manner of speaking exactly corresponding to the person when he/she was alive.

The dead husband tells his bewildered wife through the medium where exactly he put his expensive gold watch the whole family is looking for. But dead people are not alive in some sort of eternal paradise. These are only digital records of their past lives revived by the System to convince baffled relatives and friends that their deceased loved ones are still alive, living somewhere else.

The computer simulation was invented in the 1950s. With the advance of computers and software the idea was born of virtual worlds and people simulated onto some data processing system.

In the not so distant future, human society will be divided into two major groups: natural people and posthumans. There will be two groups of posthumans: enhanced people (technologically enhanced humans in biological bodies) and digitized people (individuals whose minds were uploaded into computers). The digitized people will be immortal and incredibly intelligent, which will result in owning huge financial and other resources. Man will be a mortal animal no more. The digitized people will live not only in computers (and sophisticated virtual realities) but they can also live in robotic bodies, various smart machines, and biological bodies especially adapted for the purpose. In these biological bodies the digitized individuals could enjoy the life of the past: having a drink with friends, dinner with the family, visiting some nice place, safely taking part in wild parties (Roman-style orgies or futuristic psychedelic jamborees), etc.

The digitized people will be tremendously intelligent, for they will think a million times faster than present-day humans because computer circuits communicate much faster than neurons do, and thanks to the quantum and other novel data processing technologies, they will have a superb memory and instant access to all knowledge of humanity, and will constantly self-improve extremely fast. The digitized mind of these people will be coupled with personal Artificial Intelligence, resulting in a prodigious intelligence level. It is possible also for the digitized consciousness and the personal AI to merge into a single mind.

The humans also will create a unique aid, partner, and possibly a dangerous competitor in their pursuit for excellence — autonomous Artificial Intelligence.

There will be a huge intelligence explosion on Earth.

The future people and AIs will develop science and technology at incredible speeds reaching technological singularity — this is the point beyond which the changes to science, technology, intelligences, and human civilization become utterly incomprehensible and unforeseeable to us.

Some researchers suppose that technological singularity is the moment when machines reach a level of intelligence that exceeds that of humans, and eventually they will annihilate humankind. This is a wrong assumption because digitized people will have the same technological resources and data processing capacity as machine intelligence.

Around that time the data processing technologies will become so advanced that posthumans would create and own sophisticated virtual realities (simulated worlds) populated by intelligent creatures.

Most probably, the owner of our universe and the operators of the System controlling our world are so advanced, super-intelligent, and sophisticated that we can’t understand what they are.

To us, our universe seems tremendously huge. But in the world of the originator it could be just a gadget, the best little gadget around for the price.

To us, our universe seems extremely old — it originated 13.8 billion years ago. Such an enormous long time period could be inappropriate to the owner of the universe. But time could flow differently in our universe and outside of it. One million years in our world could correspond to one hour in the world of the owner of the universe. On the other hand, his thinking could be millions of times faster than ours and he could see and analyze every little detail of our history that is represented in just one hour of his time (one million years our time).

Why did the originator of our world create us? Or maybe the owner just bought our universe, precisely as we buy a formicarium (ant farm) filled with ants. Researchers and ordinary people often pose that question, but there is still no satisfying answer.

The future people (posthumans in whatever physical form they are) will start creating worlds like our universe, with a legion of intelligences on innumerable planets. Why would they create such simulations? Probably for the same reason people are creating video games and scientific simulations now — for fun, for profit, for research. Perhaps this could be the answer to the question of why our universe was created.

We still don’t know what could be the end purpose of the universe, the life (natural and artificial in the near future), and the intelligences (natural and artificial.) One of their main characteristics is evolution — their gradual development into more complex forms. What could be the end result of the development of the intelligences in our universe: a great number of super-civilizations with innumerable biological creatures, artificial super-beings, and machine intelligences? Or is the real purpose the development of the super-intelligent System into a higher form of being. All evolving life and intelligences could be only transitory educational toys of the System.

Researchers are often surprised that through contacts with religious entities, ghosts, aliens, etc., the contactees are able to answer questions that appear to be well beyond their mental capacity, education, and technical expertise, which proves one more time that they are not making it up, but that they receive information from an external source of higher intelligence and superior knowledge.

All great works (artistic, scientific, social, military, political, etc.) are done in cooperation with the System. Most great persons realize that they are collaborating with some higher intelligence they call with different names.

Without the System, the intellectual capacity of humans would be lower and our civilization would advance at a much slower pace.

Uplifting primitive races by a superior civilization is an ages-old idea very popular on our planet — all sorts of gods and visitors from the cosmos are described in ancient writings arriving on Earth, creating, uplifting, and teaching humans.

The System is assisting people in multiple disguises (muses, guiding spirits, angels, alien visitors, etc.) to create a civilization.

The novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe was published in 1852 and was an immediate success.

President Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying when he met Stowe, “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war!”

Later she would say that she did not actually write it on her own. “I did not write it. God wrote it. I merely did his dictation.”

Ancient Greeks believed that the poets were possessed by a daimon (deity or guiding spirit), which is why Plato distrusted poets — they were not ruled by reason. Homer opens The Odyssey with an invocation to the muse and asks for her guidance in telling the story.

John Milton said that his poem Paradise Lost was dictated to him, at night or in the early morning, by his “celestial patroness,” the heavenly muse he called Urania.

The religious texts (scriptures) were also dictated by entities considered deities.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. It is a direct perception of fact, truth, hypothesis, theory, etc., independent of any reasoning process.

In cases of intuition, science suggests that there is a reasoning process that happens somewhere deep in the unconscious mind of the individuals. Sometimes this is true, but in many other cases this explanation fails to reveal how we get novel knowledge through intuition.

When a healer is preparing a medicine, he/she usually uses expertise acquired from other healers, textbooks, or notes. But for some diseases they have to prepare a medicine not known to them. In such cases they hear in their head voices from gods, saints, deceased relatives, or dead healers, dictating the herbs and other ingredients they need and how exactly to use them. Some healers see how to prepare a new medicine while dreaming. Where does the information about which ingredients they need and how to prepare the new remedy come from? Scholars say that the healer intuitively knows this. This is not a satisfactory explanation because it does not answer the question where the information comes from. Some scientists claim that the information comes from the subconscious, but how did this information get into the subconscious mind? It was not concocted there. It was received from somewhere. There is not some magic supercomputer that knows everything hidden somewhere in our unconscious mind.

Healers, shamans, transformed individuals, tai chi and kung fu masters, occult practitioners, and so on reported receiving a helping hand from saints, gods, spirits of dead masters, the spirits of magic animals, etc. Edgar Cayce claimed to channel a “Source” to answer questions about healing, nutrition, reincarnation, the afterlife, Atlantis, etc. while in a self-induced sleep state. As we already know, these are just clever disguises of the System.

The painter Paul Klee said about the work of the artist, “He neither serves nor rules, he transmits. His position is humble and the beauty at the crown is not his own. He is merely a channel.”

When people encounter the words intuition and creativity, most often they visualize an artist: a painter, an actor, a piano player, a writer, a music composer, a sculptor, a poet, and so on. What about the logic-driven professionals like Einstein, Steve Jobs, and other inventors and scholars — do they believe and use intuition, or do they rely solely on logic and reason?

Steve Jobs said, “I began to realize that an intuitive understanding and consciousness was more significant than abstract thinking and intellectual logical analysis.”

“Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.”

For Einstein, insight and scientific discoveries do not come from mathematics, analysis, or logic. They come from intuition. He said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

“There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.”

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.”

Jim Shepard, author and professor of creative writing said, “It turns out that our intuition is a greater genius than we are.”

Ray Bradbury noted, “Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.”

Immanuel Kant wrote, “All human knowledge thus begins with intuitions.”

Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize laureate, wrote, “All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know.”

“Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality.”

The mathematician Henri Poincaré said, “It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.”

Aristotle said, “Intuition is the source of scientific knowledge.”

Nikola Tesla suggested, “My brain is only a receiver. In the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Many great scientists, thinkers, researchers, and artists confirm that when it comes to novel knowledge intuition is the source of the new ideas. Humanity’s science, technology, and arts are assisted by a System created by a superior intelligence.

Many phenomena can be explained as a control over the mind of the people by an advanced intelligence, but some riddles require control over the matter. One such puzzle is spoon bending, which is popular stage magic. But some people claim that they can bend metal objects not using magic tricks.

From 1981 to 2005, aeronautical engineer Jack Houck hosted PK Parties (psychokinesis parties) with over 19,000 documented participants.

Michael Crichton wrote about his experience with spoon bending at the PK Party in his book Travels:

“In the spring of 1985, I was invited to attend a spoon bending party. An aerospace engineer named Jack Houck had become interested in the phenomenon, and from time to time had parties at which people bent spoons…

…About a hundred people were there, mostly families with young kids. The atmosphere was festive and a little chaotic, with all the kids running around.

We all threw the silverware we had brought into the center of the floor, where it made a great metal pile…

The party began: a hundred people selecting spoons and saying, “Will you bend?” and tossing them back in the pile if the feeling wasn’t right. Then all around me, I heard people shouting, “Bend! Bend!” at their chosen spoons. A lot of people were laughing…

I looked down. My spoon had begun to bend. I hadn’t even realized. The metal was completely pliable, like soft plastic. It wasn’t particularly hot, either, just slightly warm. … I had bent a spoon, and I knew it wasn’t a trick. I looked around the room and saw little children, eight or nine years old, bending large metal bars. They weren’t trying to trick anybody.”

Everything is possible in a simulated universe. The paranormal phenomena and some other riddles are just manipulation of virtual objects by the System. In such simulation, spoon and metal bending and other “tricks” are nothing more than easily manageable digital bits.

But our universe is material and is governed by natural laws. On the other hand, in some cases our world looks like a simulation and behaves like a simulation.

Is it possible to reconcile the two ideas: that our universe is material and that it is a simulation?

The new idea suggests that we live in a material world driven by a simulation, natural laws, and most importantly, by the will and philosophy of the operating intelligence.

But this presupposes that our universe has characteristics of a giant quantum computer?

“The Universe can be regarded as a giant quantum computer,” writes professor Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in his book Programming the Universe. “If one looks at the ‘guts’ of the Universe — the structure of matter at its smallest scale — then those guts consist of nothing more than [quantum] bits undergoing local, digital operations.”

Science riddles like fine-tuning of the universe, the UFOs and alien abductions, paranormal phenomena, and so on are possible not only in a computer-simulated world, but also in a material world reflecting a sophisticated simulation.

We have a new model of our universe: it is material, has characteristics of a giant quantum computer, and is driven by natural laws and a simulation operated by a data processing System controlled by a superior intelligence.

In many cases UFOs and paranormal objects and entities (angels, the devil, aliens, ghosts, demons, mythological creatures, etc.) are computer generated 3-D material objects inserted into our reality, which reflects the simulation. Sometimes the System defies the natural laws and UFOs, aliens, cars, horsemen, supernatural beasts, even common things materialize and dematerialize; UFOs are making impossible maneuvers; people levitate; tables, chairs, and other furniture move about by themselves; stones fall from the ceilings of rooms, etc. The laws of physics are just rules (parts of the numerous algorithms) for the simulation that in some cases can be changed allowing paranormal phenomena, religious and other miracles.

Arthur C. Clarke said, “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”

The paranormal manifestations are result of mind control and insertion of materialized computer-generated objects or a combination of both. In some cases the UFOs leave physical traces behind: deep impressions found at the sites of landings, burnt circles, etc. In a material world driven by a simulation, even UFOs, a result of mind manipulation, can leave physical traces.

These phenomena are educational toys for evolving humanity. The System is creating a creative environment (scientific, cultural, religious, educational, etc.) in order to stimulate human intellectual development just as we are creating educational environment with toys, fairy tales, books, pictures, Santa Claus, etc., in order to help our children to develop as fast as possible and become more intelligent than us, their parents.

To some people, a universe controlled by a simulation and a System seems living, conscious, and intelligent. A number of scholars advocate the idea that the universe is governed by a supernatural being, a supreme spiritual force, or that it is even a part of the mind of some god.

Einstein wrote, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe — a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

Sometimes people wonder why the aliens attempting to conceal alleged encounters with extraterrestrials seem so inefficient at blotting out human memory. Even amateur hypnotists can unblock it.

Many researchers use hypnosis to reveal UFO and alien abduction events, expecting to get to the genuine nature of what really happened. But they should know that actually they are revealing the controlled unconscious of the person — memories are implanted; pictures, thoughts, and emotions are superimposed on real events. Even during the hypnosis sessions the mind of the hypnotist and the hypnotee could be controlled and manipulated by the System.

Statistics reveal that about half of alien abduction cases were discovered under regressive hypnosis. The most impressive UFO encounters and abduction cases were reported by people under hypnosis. The alien abduction and UFO “memories” were inserted by the System into the unconscious mind of the “witnesses” and they were revived by the hypnotists. In some cases the abduction “memories” were actually created by the hypnotists from visual material memorized by the “abductee” from movies, TV, books, newspaper pictures and articles, etc. Some hypnotists actually plant suggestions into the mind of the abductees and contactees.

Witnesses of UFOs, alien abductions, paranormal manifestation successfully pass lie-detector tests. The control of their minds by the agency is so successful that they cannot tell what is real and what is manipulation of their minds.

In many cases the System creates UFO events with religious and paranormal elements, to the great disappointment of the buffs who believe that the UFOs are alien spacecraft.

Science still does not have hard evidence of real extraterrestrial visitations but this does not rule them out. However, such possibility has nothing to do with the UFO phenomenon.

Glossolalia, referred also as “speaking in tongues,” has been around for thousands of years. This is a phenomenon in which people speak languages that are unknown to the speaker.

Andrew Newberg, MD, Associate Professor of Radiology, Psychiatry, and Religious Studies, wrote, “Our finding of decreased activity in the frontal lobes during the practice of speaking in tongues is fascinating because these subjects truly believe that the spirit of God is moving through them and controlling them to speak. Our brain imaging research shows us that these subjects are not in control of the usual language centers during this activity, which is consistent with their description of a lack of intentional control while speaking in tongues.”

“These findings could be interpreted as the subject’s sense of self being taken over by something else.”

Entities like aliens, angels, spirits, demons, etc. are able to quote the Bible in Latin, Hebrew, Greek, and in many other tongues. Actually they know all languages on Earth, living or long dead. These entities seems to have a remarkable knowledge of the personal business of the people. The devil and the spirits in religious cases of possession know every single details about the lives of their exorcists. They know everything — past, present, and future. Actually, the one who knows everything is the System. The aliens, angels, demons, spirits, etc. are its creation. The System empowers them in many ways, like creating miracles, lore, myths, bodies of followers and disciples, etc.

Sometimes the aliens and the spirits look to us as silly people and their behavior is utterly moronic, but this is just a play of the agency which is tremendously intelligent and possesses knowledge far beyond our own. The paranormal entities and UFO aliens were playing their weird games because they were programmed to do so.

People who have contacted such entities know that the agency also is gifted with a mischievous sense of humor and sometimes plays practical jokes.

The System also fabricates speculations and conspiracy theories (like ancient astronauts, flat Earth, hollow Earth, suppression by the authorities of perpetual motion and cold fusion technology, Philadelphia Experiment, the US Moon landings were staged by NASA in a film studio, etc.) in order to stimulate rational thinking and science by creating and supporting competitive (often fake) theories, opinions, positions, groups, etc.

Some people get advice even from ufonauts. Pat McGuire, a farmer, many times observed UFOs hovering over his land. One night aliens took him aboard their spaceship. He recalled the abduction under hypnosis. The aliens told him to drill a well in high plains country near his ranch. McGuire consulted specialists, but drilling experts and geologists said that there is no water there because the place was too high. The neighbors called him crazy. But McGuire bought the land in the high plains near his ranch, drilled a well, and got plenty of water.

Of course, instead an advice from a ufonaut, the farmer could have had a dream in which angels were successfully drilling for a well in the high plains country near his ranch, or his deceased uncle could come as a ghost to give him instructions where to find water. The information from the System can be conveyed in many picturesque and highly impressive ways.

But one should be very careful when using such information, because alongside useful health, professional, or business advice one inevitably would receive a mountain of trash, especially if he/she asks too many questions. For thousands of years experienced occultists have known that man should invoke young, inexperienced spirits because the old ones cheat too much. Some people, encouraged by channeled information that helped them to improve health or business, begin to believe everything they receive from the mystery source, and sometimes the results are disastrous. They lose jobs, get divorced, become laughing stocks, lose money, even die.

The Swedish scientist, engineer, and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg warned, “When Spirits begin to speak with a man, he must beware that he believe nothing that they say. For nearly everything they say is fabricated by them, and they lie…”

Alien visitors say repeatedly, “You should believe in us but not too much.”

Uri Geller also had his doubts about the voice that told him what to do and what not to do, and began wondering if it might be just “a goddam little clown that is playing with us.”

Demons, alien visitors, saints, gods and goddesses, voices and telepathically transmitted thoughts from mysterious sources will promise you spiritual freedom, ultimate knowledge, and immortality, but instead becoming rich, free, wise, and immortal, you will become a slave of the entity. Some contactees, mediums, UFO witnesses, and prophets ultimately end up sitting on hilltops to await the end of the world and the flying saucer guys or the god that will rescue them. But they never come!

Obviously, the mysterious source of information is not only a giant database, but there is an intelligence behind it and it can mock people and make practical jokes. This intelligent entity likes ridiculing humans. This was confirmed by many contactees and paranormal witnesses.

Most things on Earth seem wrong and foolish from a human point of view, ergo there are no superior creatures controlling the life and intelligence on our planet. Yes, things are wrong and foolish from our point of view, but from the point of view of the controlling superior intelligence they are right because the things we accept as wrong are actually signs for high level competition and harsh education, exactly what is expected by the masters. Otherwise we can conclude that life on Earth is some sort of sinister computer game organized and owned by some freak extraterrestrial superior civilization or individual, enjoying the misery of human beings.

The information from the System comes to people in different ways: dreams, visions, sensing thoughts, lucid dreaming, intuition, automatic writing, hearing voices, sensing a voice, using a pendulum, dowsing, etc. The people can’t really control the channel of information. It is so constructed that in most cases men can’t tell where the information comes from — from their mind or from an external agency.

There are millions of cases proving that telepathy is real. Then why we can’t use it at will in our everyday life? Because our world is based on hard competition. If there is telepathy for everyday use, then there will be no real competition because there will be no secrets, the basis of competition, crime, wars, etc.

In some cases the car engines of UFO witnesses stopped. Experts explain this happened because of the radiation of the propulsion system of the flying saucer.

Witnesses also report that their car engines stopped when they saw big hairy humanoids (Bigfoot). But the large hairy beasts don’t have a propulsion system, they don’t emit radiation, and they don’t have powerful magnetic fields, causing radio static, dimming of headlights, and stalling of motor vehicles. Why did the cars stop? The System makes paranormal manifestations (including the unexplainable stalling of motor vehicles) in order for the mysterious events to be witnessed and remembered, people to believe in UFOs, aliens, bizarre entities like Bigfoot, etc.

The next step is the researchers to analyze what these phenomena are and begin understanding our home world.

The next move probably is the future posthumans, aliens, smart machines, and AIs to save themselves (leaving our controlled universe), if it is possible.

It is also probable that in the far future most advanced space intelligences (including posthumans, if they survive) will merge with the System, becoming a single mind, or become part of a hive of super-intelligences. The far future of humanity and other space civilizations is unknown to us.

Probably the System is rendering a simulation of the future of the universe, life, and intelligence to provide a fast advance of individuals and civilizations, and to prevent self-annihilation when the intelligent creatures of the universe invent weapons and technologies able to delete entire planets and space races; in the future, there will be numerous wars with super-weapons.

A common mistake of some contemporary scientists is that precognition violates the principle of causality, an effect cannot occur before its cause.

Many researchers claim that past, present, and future exist simultaneously in material form.

The past and the future are only records, saved information. They are not material. Only the present is material.

The past is settled and unchangeable, but the informational model of the future is unsettled and dynamic. The many-worlds interpretation should imply that potential alternate histories are possible informational models of the future which will result in a single material present.

Since the future is not material and it didn’t happen yet, precognition does not violate the principle of causality; an effect does not occur before its cause.

The future is predictable, but only in cases where the System decides to give us information about some events to come. Humans don’t have direct access to the simulation of the future.

Some phenomena are influenced by supposed time travel. Some UFO contactees were given a time travel tour into the past, including meeting with prominent figures of that time like Jesus.

The time-slip phenomena is also connected with time travel — people are involuntarily transported back in time.

The past and the future are records and sometimes we are allowed to see in visions, dreams, lucid dreams, during medium séances, etc. past events or events to come.

Such manifestations are part of the never-ending manipulation of the human mind by the System.

We can’t really travel backward or forward in time.

If we have access to the simulation of the future and the record of the past, we can time-travel virtually. With the appropriate technology some superior intelligence could materialize a given virtual time period of the past and the future in order to visit them in reality.

The well-documented Fatima Miracle of the Sun was predicted by a female apparition several months upfront. It was also predicted that two of the small shepherds would die soon after the supernatural events. Two of them indeed died in a short time after that.

Millions of predictions all around the world came true. The fulfilled precognitions are so many and often so specific that they are beyond chance probability. But millions of predictions failed. Why? Was is that the psychics were not good enough? Because ordinary people are not good seers into the future?

Most probably it was because they don’t have direct access to the simulated future but receive predictions through the System which manipulates the information.

Humans can’t know the real future at will.

Why are we receiving true and false predictions?

True information about the future received at will would bring tremendous power (financial, political, social, etc.) in the hands of the individuals who possess the gift of precognition. Such people would have absolute control over the world. They could make zillions from future patents, stock exchange, casinos, foreign currency exchange rates, real estate, oil and gas extraction, all sort of lotteries, investing in the most profitable technologies to be invented, etc. Knowing the future would make some individuals undisputed masters of the world.

People seeing the future and using this knowledge for profit and world control would change history. But this is against the plans of the superior intelligence that is charge of our world. The world is controlled by the System and the operator who has his own plans.

The System is deliberately spreading true and false information about the future. There is no such thing as 100 percent accuracy of the precognitions. We should rely on our sound mind, logic, and science; the fulfilled predictions are only a helping hand we receive sometimes. The System decides when and what real precognitions should be delivered to whom. Psychics and mediums are only an instrument of the predicting the future charade.

Free will can’t really exist in a world which the future is simulated and determined.

According to Einstein, there is no such thing as free will. He wrote, “I am a determinist. As such, I do not believe in free will.”

It is possible that in a simulated world primitive creatures like us have no free will (or a very limited one). But is it probable that advanced future people could have more free will? The evolution and the uplifting of underdeveloped creatures like humans is much more effective when their future is simulated and determined.

On the other hand, for our own good, the operator created an illusion of free will.

Einstein paraphrased Arthur Schopenhauer, that “a human can very well do what he wants, but cannot will what he wants.”

To have or not have free will totally depends on the operator of our universe. We don’t know his plans for the future of humans with respect to free will.

Billions of scientists in our universe are discovering the same theories human scholars are finding out on Earth. Billions of alien Einsteins discovered the theory of relativity — actually, they got it from the System. A pretty humiliating idea! One of the many tasks of the controlling agency is to educate, providing us with novel knowledge. Now sentient beings (biological or not) in our universe are more like (bio)robots that are created, organized, controlled, and educated by an external agency. You don’t like the idea? I don’t like it either, but I would prefer to accept the truth, instead of some self-misleading puffed-up belief about the great importance of human and alien creatures consciously exploring Nature to the full extent. I also like the notion that we are intelligent, self-governing, originative, independent, creative, and self-sustaining creatures with free will, but is it true?

Bitter facts are better than self-deluding illusions or doctrines, if one is going to explore the world. Comforting lies have nothing to do with science.

We are living in a controlled environment and we are controlled animals (who possess rudimentary science and technology.)

We should never forget that humans are under constant tight mind control and never trust what we see, hear, and think. Don’t trust yourself. You are under control. Your mind is controlled. It is quite possible that your thoughts are not your own. You think and you are what the System decides.

If possible, at some point of their evolution, people could try to cut the umbilical cord between the developing humanity and the System. This is an important moment of civilizations’ evolution because they will no longer receive useful scientific and other information from the external agency that turned the animals into intelligent creatures, creating a sophisticated civilization. Humanity is still too primitive to cut the umbilical cord connecting the System and the people. If this happens now, we will all turn intellectually into kids and our civilization as we know it will collapse. We will relapse into a primitive agrarian society.

An example of possible evolutionary control by the System is the origins and evolution of humankind that may have required an extremely unlikely event such as the mass extinction that removed the dinosaurs as dominant terrestrial animals, but not the small, fragile mammals.

Approximately 66 million years ago, a large comet was delivered in a specific orbit around the earth. When comets approach the inner solar system and the sun, they begin to sublimate and vaporize, creating an envelope of thin gas and fine dust. The comet dusted the atmosphere of the earth (neither rainfall nor wind could disperse the “fog” for a long time because it was high in the stratosphere) darkening the skies for tens of thousands of years until it was exhausted, cooling the climate and inhibiting photosynthesis, diminishing the land and marine plants, which disturbed the food chain, and many species, especially large herbivores and carnivores, began starving, often to death. In the middle of the disaster, the comet disintegrated and a large cometary chunk plunged into the shallow waters in the Gulf of Mexico. The catastrophic effect of the prolonged cooled climate and the reduced food as a result of the dusting and darkening of the atmosphere before and after the bolide impact, and the devastating cometary strike, causing global firestorms, earthquakes, massive volcanism, tremendous hurricanes, nuclear winter, megatsunamis, heavy acid rains, diminished oxygen levels on earth, etc. resulted in the extinction of about 75% of the species on our planet, including the dinosaurs.

If one dwells deep into the research papers about the dinosaur extinction, their demise looks more like a very precise extermination operation of these species than an accidental slam of a celestial body into Earth.

For 500 million years there was only one huge celestial impact and it was not just to kill off animals, but to replace at the right time the outdated dominant dinosaurs with the evolutionary higher mammals, paving the way for the dawn of humans.

Paradise, perfect happiness, infinite life, resurrection from the dead of our loved ones or of famous historical personages, eternal youth, and other wonders of this kind are perfectly possible even today. The model of a desired world could be materialized by the master intelligence. We could live in supreme bliss forever in Eden, but our world is guided by another model, which requires growth, evolution, progress, a huge number of hard-competing individuals, groups of people, and civilizations, and countless births and deaths.

In order to understand our universe, the life, and civilizations, we should comprehend the philosophy, ideas, strategy, and the works of the System and the controlling superior intelligence — a challenging task for the humble human mind.

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