Army Of The Dead: Zack Snyder Is All In On Time Loop Theories

So in the movie, there’s a sequence where one of the characters talks about the fact that maybe this whole adventure that they’re on, they’re caught in some infinite loop of fighting and dying and fighting and dying. And, um, it might be true. Who knows? There’s a lot of clues in the movie that would support that theory. For instance, of course you see in that sequence, you see that there’s some skeletons. In the vault there’s like a shot of each of them, and you see a shot of one of our characters, and they happen to be wearing like the same necklace or the same, it’s them. When they actually get in the casino there’s a set of plans, and Scott says ‘Tanaka had other teams in here before us.’ If you notice, the dead guys around that table are them again. So if you wanna play that game, it’s there to play.

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