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Crate Containing ‘Captured Sasquatch’ Turns Heads on Highway – Coast to Coast AM

By Tim Binnall

A massive crate that was being transported along a highway in the Midwest over the weekend likely left many motorists scratching their heads due to its strange labeling which warned drivers that the odd box contained a captured Sasquatch. According to a local media report, the weird cargo was actually a massive and remarkably life-like Bigfoot statue that was created by the special effects company Unit 79 Studios in Ohio. The piece, commissioned by the Sasquatch Outpost museum in Colorado, was being brought ‘home’ to the site in a specially-designed seven-foot-tall crate being towed by a pick-up truck.

As one might imagine, the strange delivery had many drivers wondering what they were seeing as the crate sported sizeable words of warning about the ‘captured Sasquatch’ contained inside the box. ““People are so curious,” laughed Shari Peterson, who was responsible for bringing the faux Bigfoot to the museum, “at one restaurant, the server said she’s been serving for 10 years and hoped to have a super interesting day one day — she said meeting us was it!” Fortunately, they managed to make it back to the Sasquatch Outpost before any daring witnesses attempted to free the famed cryptid from the confines of the crate.

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