LEGO IDEAS Project Featuring ‘Gremlins’ House and Characters Needs Your Support

LEGO IDEAS is a pretty cool branch of the LEGO brand, allowing fans to pitch their own concepts directly to the company. The platform encourages you to upload images and details of your creations, which will be forwarded to the desks of the folks in charge IF you can get 10,000 upvotes on your idea. From there, it’s possible that your creation *could* become reality, and indeed many IDEAS projects have been turned into real sets in recent years.

One of the next LEGO IDEAS projects could bring Billy’s house from Gremlins into the mix, that is if creator Ivan Guerrero (“bulldoozer”) can get enough support for his latest pitch!

With nearly 4,000 supporters at the time of writing this article, “bulldoozer” is currently proposing a Gremlins playset that recreates Billy’s house, along with a handful of Gremlins mini-figs. LEGO actually has made official Gremlins LEGO toys, part of their now-defunct video game LEGO Dimensions, but to date we’ve never seen an actual Gremlins set of any kind.

Ivan explains, “This proposed LEGO set pays tribute to the original movie’s many memorable scenes and revisits the world of Gremlins, Gremlins 2, and the new Secrets of the Mogwai animated series. Recreate your favorite moments from the film with this detailed model of the snow-covered home of Billy Peltzer and his family. The set features four rooms: Billy’s bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and Randall Peltzer’s workshop. It has six minifigures, including Billy, Gizmo, Stripe, Mr. Wing and two additional Gremlins. It also includes Billy’s dog, Barney, as well as a baby-scale version of Gizmo.” Ivan also notes, “You’ll find many easter eggs throughout the set that reference specific props and gags from throughout the franchise.”

Head over to LEGO IDEAS to support Ivan’s Gremlins project today!

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