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Spotlight on the Paranormal: John Rip Smith

At 8 years old I experienced my first paranormal interaction. I was just laying down for bed and felt a very uneasy feeling, fear began to set in and as I lay there I began to feel hard sharp pointy fingers stabbing me in my side like I was being tickled, except it doesn’t tickle. Gripped with fear frozen in an almost paralyzed state I can’t even scream! I try, but it’s almost like my voice is taken from me before it has the chance to escape! What felt like an eternity, whatever it was finally stopped and left my room, and shaking violently I bolted out of my room into my mom’s screaming “mom, mom, something was ticking me and wouldn’t let me move or scream. She stops me dead in my tracks at the top of her lungs she yells at me to go back to my room and go to bed, again I try to tell her what just happened and she would not hear me out. Scared and trembling I make my way back to my room I lay down in my bed and convince myself it didn’t happen and I finally fall asleep.

This went on for about a month before I started sleeping in the living room. Over time I blocked it from my memories. At the beginning of 2021 my son who was 8 at the time started telling me he was being tickled by a ghost, I had never spoken about my experience to anyone around him or to him, so I decided to start researching the paranormal and how do deal with situations like this. I finally got rid of it and thus began my search into all things paranormal!

I believe I have a gift, in dealing with lost souls, and no fear of demons or the devil! All I need now is the opportunity and funds to begin my calling as a Demon Hunter!

I have been involved in the paranormal off and on for 18 years, I do private home investigations and cleansing for free. I function under the authority of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:17)! I have purchased all of my equipment like E.M.F. Meter, E.V.P. Recorder, Rem Pod, Night vision camera, go pro, motion sensor alarms, and cameras. Ect.

I do not fear the demonic side of the paranormal due to my faith! I am dedicated to freeing families that are oppressed by demonic infestation but i find a great deal of pleasure helping those that have passed on find peace and accepting the fact that they are no longer living, I have been given the gift of empathy for this purpose. I am sensitive to the spiritual side of life

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Twitter is @RIParanormal21


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