Trailer: Amazon Prime’s Dark Comedy Thriller ‘Emergency’ Starring RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, and Sabrina Carpenter

Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer for their brand new dark comedy thriller ‘Emergency’, which stars RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, and Sabrina Carpenter. It lands on Prime Video May 27.

The trailer features three college students as they stumble upon an unknown unconscious girl in their living room. Due to the potential misunderstanding of the situation, they decide to not call the cops and take the girl to somewhere safe instead.

“In the film, Kunle and his best friend, Sean, are both seniors in college about to embark on an epic night of Spring Break parties,” reads the synopsis. “Sean has the whole night planned out, including every party they will hit on their ‘legendary tour.’ Kunle is down but mostly concerned with finishing up his mold experiment in his lab, as his acceptance to Princeton is hinging on the results. They return to their apartment to pre-game, but find that their roommate, Carlos, left the door open. As they enter with trepidation, Sean and Kunle discover a drunk, semi-conscious white girl they don’t know on the floor and an oblivious Carlos, who didn’t hear her come in over the videogame blaring in his ears. Kunle wants to call the cops but Sean vehemently opposes the idea, concerned how it will look when the cops show up (two black men, one Latinx man, and a passed-out white woman).

Together, Carlos, Sean, and Kunle load the girl (who they nickname Goldilocks, but whose real name is Emma) into Sean’s van, with the intention of taking her somewhere safe rather than calling the police. Meanwhile, Emma’s sister, Maddy, has realized that Emma left the party they were at, and begins to search for her in a drunk panic using Emma’s phone’s location. What ensues is a chaotic, hilarious, and tension-filled chase all over town as our trio grapples with their differences while attempting to bring Emma to safety.”

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