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Ron Fitzgerald Do The Mash!

Ron Fitzgerald and Lady India making the Monster Mash music video.

It’s time to celebrate the Spooky Season, and for those of us who love it, the
Spooky Season is all year round. To help you celebrate, Ron Fitzgerald, Master of
the Dark Realm, lends his voice to Monster Mash by LA-based dark alternative
band House Made of Dawn.

“It’s an excellent update to the original Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris”
Pickett with more of a “Bride of Frankenstein” vibe to it.” says

Ron lent his distinctive voice to several tracks on House Made of Dawn’s latest
album All Hallows. The album is a tribute to Halloween and the Spooky Season,
perfect for any spooky playlist or collection. This collaboration between Ron
Fitzgerald and the band have been years in the making with it all finally coming
together last year in 2021. All Hallows was released on October 1st, 2021, and this
year they followed it with the launch of their new wickedly fun Monster Mash music
video, made by the same creative team that gave us the Horror Magic movie “Dark
Realm”, both are directed by Vincent Bilancio. Fitzgerald, who is an Actor in
Horror movies and Gothic illusionist has been called by some the new Vincent
Price says Fitzgerald also contributes to Eldorado (by Edgar Allen Poe) on the

“I’m thrilled to take part in Monster Mash because it’s such a classic
Halloween song! And with the new energy brought to it with House
Made of Dawn It really is a graveyard smash!”

You can find Monster Mash on the album All Hallows by House Made of Dawn
everywhere you stream and purchase your music. The official music video
Monster Mash by House Made of Dawn (Featuring Ron Fitzgerald) is on YouTube.
Links below.

Photo by Jon Gilchriis.
Ron Fitzgerald and Lady India making the Monster Mash music video.

Monster Mash – House Made of Dawn (Featuring Ron Fitzgerald) Official Music

All Hallows album by House Made of Dawn on Spotify

House Made of Dawn on Spotify

House Made of Dawn’s YouTube Channel

Ron Fittzgerald’sYouTube Channel:

Watch Dark Realm (Horror / Magic Movie) streaming now:

Ron Fitzgerald’s Official Website

Fitzgerald’s Realm

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