‘DREDGE’ Sees You Fishing For Lovecraftian Horrors This March [Trailer]

Generally speaking, when you think of a Lovecraftian horror game, you don’t necessarily think of fishing. Yet that’s exactly what you do in Black Salt Games’ DREDGE, which is headed to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via Steam on March 30th. Pre-order dates will be announced soon alongside a free demo for Switch players.

In DREDGE, you play as a down-on-their-luck fisherman. Someone has tasked you with digging up the past. In order to do so, you’ll have to explore a collection of remote islands while scouring the surrounding waters for a fish and valuable, deep-sea curiosities. Once your trawler is full, sell your spoils while completing quests and unravelling more about each area’s peculiar denizens.

As you do, you’ll be reinforcing your vessel, enhancing your skills, and gaining knowledge to dredge deeper and reach more secluded lands. However, as you do, you soon discover that there’s something more dangerous than the rocks and shallow reefs lurking in the dark waters at night.

In addition to the base game, intrepid fishermen can also pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam and consoles. The Digital Deluxe Edition of DREDGE includes the Blackstone Key DLC item, granting players access to the mysterious workshop on Blackstone Isle. Also, if you pre-order, all pre-orders will feature an in-game exclusive custom fishing rod, giving players an upgrade to their starting gear to help jump-start their career. A Physical Deluxe Edition of the game will also be announced soon.

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