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London Brew Share New Single ‘Raven Flies Low’

On March 31, Concord Jazz will release a new album inspired by Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew titled London Brew, which features contributions from Nubya Garcia, Shabaka Hutchings, Dave Okumu, Tom Skinner, Benji B, Theon Cross, and more. Today, we get to hear the second single from it, ‘Raven Lies Low’, following ‘Miles Chases New Voodoo in the Church’. Check it out below.

Violinist Raven Bush commented in a statement: “Being able to play in a beautiful studio with this amazing group of musicians was an honour. With this type of record-making process, the music is just constantly unfolding in the room, so many brilliant moments are passing you by. I’m always somewhere else during improvisations… It was great to be reminded of this vibe we had going, I’m into it.”

“When a recording session like this happens, the amount of ideas that gets generated is considerable,” he continued. “I don’t know how Martin [Terefe] and Bruce [Lampcov] managed to choose what made the album, there were so many dope moments!”

Producer and guitarist Martin Terefe added: “When I started mixing the section that became ‘Raven Flies Low’ I fell into focusing on the continuous flow Raven’s violin melodies and electronic pedal orchestrations. His mini compositions moved so brilliantly under the radar and this one blew my mind. I chose the title inspired by the track ‘John McLaughlin’ on Bitches Brew. Simply a hats off to a maestro at work.”

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