The Boss Bruce Hiit Hits Hollywood

Bruce is an actor from the Pacific Northwest; he lives near Seattle, Wa. When Bruce was a boy he would often create skits that he would perform for his grandparent’s enjoyment. Growing up he would create skits and perform them to the delight of his neighborhood friends. Bruce grew up listening to the radio more so than television, he often practiced radio announcing and creating his own radio shows on cassette tape. It’s no surprise that as Bruce got older he was often told that he had a voice for radio, it was when he turned 50 he thought about actively pursuing a voice-over career, he found Tiffany Talent a talent agency in Seattle that stressed the importance of learning film acting first and using that experience to help become an even better voice over talent.

In 2016 Bruce went through a rigorous 8 weeks of an acting academy (boot camp) with the agency. After graduating from the acting academy health and family reasons caused him to pause and eventually give up on his dreams; it wasn’t until after grieving his father’s passing in the fall of 2017 that later in 2018 he became reinvigorated with using his talent again. Bruce returned to TTA and re-did the boot camp for another 8 weeks. Bruce worked hard to learn everything he could and made lots of friendships. The first film Bruce did was The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold (2018) where he played a police officer and later a corrections officer as a reliable friend to Amy. This film won multiple international awards and Bruce was one of the best supporting actors in the Christian Film Festival in 2021. Bruce’s next film he landed was the role of Officer Brookes in a film titled The Candy Bar Heist (2019) Bruce gained valuable experience and new friendships despite the film never being produced. Bruce’s fellow actor and friend Martin Lewis who he met in the acting academy had the idea of creating his own movie called The Office Job (2020) a comedy full feature film that he asked Bruce to co-star in; Bruce played Jimmy Boyle as an aging mobster. The film was an Official Selection in 20+ International Film Festivals and most notably Best Feature Screenplay at the Golden State Film Festival and played at Thy Chinese Man Theater and also the winner of Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Indie Film Awards. The first film Bruce did was The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold 2018 where he played a police officer and later a corrections officer as a reliable friend to Amy. This film won multiple international awards and Bruce won the best supporting actor in the Christian Film Festival in 2021. Bruce was cast as a German officer named Gunter Von Jurgen in a movie called Red Swan (2020) which did not start filming due to covid 19. 2021 was a difficult year as well due to covid 19 shutting everything down. Despite this Bruce got a small speaking role of a father in a film called Jagged Nails; the film was never completed or produced because of the weight of the pandemic; however, Bruce again gained valuable experience and strengthened his network in the film industry. Bruce then had a small Voice Over role as a Detective in the short film called Trending (2021) The following year Bruce got the role of Harley Drake an antagonistic police officer in the short film called Disconnected (2022) which has been recognized in multiple international film awards.

As a new year began Bruce acquired the screen last name Hiit from his legal name Kaufman; when asked why he did this he responded “The name change is me wanting to break free from my real name for a fresh mindset as an actor. I had lots of bad, bad stuff going on when I was younger, (the tapes we hear in our heads) I’ve managed to deal with it up to now through tenacity and resilience, the name change has helped me become a new avatar or and a talent with no limits, no history, no damage. Bruce Hiit completely believes in the impossible! Hard to explain, but something I thought I’d give a try and so far it seems to be working.” As a new year began Bruce played an abusive husband and father named Jim Crowley Sr. in the gripping titled thriller Finding Astrea (2023). Bruce has another project soon to be filmed called Cyber Attack (2023) where he plays the role of a security officer in this one of kind experimental international film. Bruce has written, directed and acted/voice acted in multiple corporate training videos for a major aerospace company, he continues to write several short films and feature films respectively. His ambition is to continue honing his craft and eventually do some film directing. Bruce lives with wife and four dogs on the beautiful and picturesque Puget Sound near Seattle, Wa.

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