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Aoife Nessa Frances Releases New Song ‘Fantasy’

Aoife Nessa Frances has released a new track, ‘Fantasy’, which was originally recorded during the sessions for her latest album Protector. Check it out below.

“With ‘Fantasy’ I took inspiration from the High Priestess Tarot card,” the Irish singer-songwriter explained. “I was learning to read tarot at the time of writing the song, spending time with each card so that I could soak in meaning. The High Priestess depicts a woman sitting on a throne, between two pillars symbolising her role as a mediator between the different worlds. Drawing on this imagery, I wrote ‘Fantasy’ as a reflection of her essence and symbolism. She embodies the bridge between two worlds, connecting the realms of intuition and the conscious mind.”

“Each lyric connects to her and her surroundings: swimming between the pillars as a form of duality, standing at the threshold, guarding the secrets to the subconscious mind, darkness and light, femininity and masculinity,” she continued. “Water as emotion; representing the depths of the unconscious mind, bringing a sense of fluidity and adaptability, emphasising the importance of embracing change and allowing emotions to flow naturally. The falling fruit as a symbol for change and transformation, the pomegranate from the cards imagery, a symbol for sexuality and regeneration. Writing ‘Fantasy’ took me on my own journey of self-discovery, connecting me to my own intuition. Méabh McKenna’s harp throughout the song acts like a flowing river, a constant presence that underscores the meaning. While “Fantasy” was written during the same period as ‘Protector,’ I decided to keep it separate because it occupies a unique space for me.”

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