Rockstar Reveals ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’, Coming 2025 [Trailer]

Rockstar isn’t waiting until tomorrow to reveal Grand Theft Auto VI to the world. Announced in a slick new trailer today (instead of the expected Tuesday 9AM reveal), the next entry in the acclaimed series will arrive in 2025. No platforms have been announced, but you can bet that it’ll be arriving on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Details on the game are still to come, but we do know that we’re returning to Vice City for this instalment. Though this time, as if the smartphones and Instagram-like Stories weren’t a big enough clue, we’re not in the 80s. We’re also introduced to our protagonists in Lucia and her boyfriend, Jason.

The trailer teases a wide variety of locales and things to do, which for those of us who got lost in the various activities you can do in Grand Theft Auto V, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

We know, there’s not much outright horror when it comes to Grand Theft Auto. But to that, we counter with fan efforts such as the various machinima videos using GTA5 from the likes of Final Flame Productions, Sudden Strike Productions. No doubt we’re hoping that fans will be able to do something very similar with Grand Theft Auto VI.

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