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Constantin Augustinus Sieve – Making A Name In The World Of Film 

German born actor/writer Constantin Augustinus Sieve is taking Hollywood by storm. He began traveling the world at the young age of 16, finishing high school in New Zealand and having found a love for acting while doing so he decided to relocate to Los Angeles to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Constantin Augustus Sieve is proud of and cherishes his name as it is monogrammed after two powerful, strong and influential emperors. He claims his name gives him motivation to become successful. Sieve has already gone beyond the average, beyond the ordinary. He recognizes that there is something inside that is calling him. His day has come where he can step out of the shade aflame and unafraid as proved by what he’s accomplished thus far.

Constantin doesn’t let his dreams interfere with his actions, yet he knows that dreams are born out of hope and desire. They have the power to fuel a journey to the future and drive us forward. Dreams are bricks with which we build a life and a promise made to ourselves. The film industry is often a difficult path to explore. It’s hard to put yourself out there, it’s hard to be vulnerable, but there are people who do that. Those people are the dreamers, the thinkers and the creators, and those that make the magic in the world. Constantin is one of them.

Once he completed his studies, he entered the world of Hollywood movies with enthusiasm and an incredible ability to become involved in amazing creative endeavors. His desire and motivation has led to a string of award winning roles in the indie film community and the industry has welcomed him with open arms. 

He is accomplished in Dance (Waltz, Tango, Discofox, ChaChaCha, Quick Step, Rumba, Jive, and period Dance), Sports (Skiing, Basketball, Surfing, Swimming), Stage Combat (Unarmed, Knife, Sword, Fencing and Firearms), and Dialects (British, German, Standard and General American English).

His recent film “Saudade” is winning awards around the country and is a horror thriller surrealist drama. 

“Saudade” synopsis: A dancer faces a ghost of her past and has to come out victorious to find her true self once again.

The film was directed by Josie Hill, written and starring  Gica Pucca and Constantin Augustinus Sieve.

“Saudade” is a silent dance film exploring themes such as Longing Love, Love, the multi-dimensional layers of a relationship and heartbreak. 

Other recent films include the award-winning film “Lights”,  “A Little Strange”, “Glass Walls”, “The Great American Chicken Leg”, “Terrificman” and Quill and Flame Publishing House: Crowns”. 

Constantin Augustinus Sieve currently has several films making the festival circuit, and is in demand as a leading man in feature due to his amazing talent and striking good looks. Follow his journey to becoming a household name in America. 

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