Explore Vampire Psyches in The Darkly Humorous ‘Vampire Therapist’ [Trailer]

Little Bat Games is keen on finding out just what makes vampires tick with their debut title, Vampire Therapist. Coming to Steam on June 17, players will be putting that armchair psychiatrist role to the test with real-life therapy techniques as you examine and deconstruct vampire psyches from different historical periods.

Vampire Therapist  is described as a narrative adventure that takes the darkly humourous cues from What We Do in the Shadows (which is starting production on its final season), the horror works of Mel Brooks, Monty Python, and Horrible Histories. The story follows Sam, a former cowboy turned vampire who is looking for meaning in his own immortality. Luckily for Sam, there’s Andromachos, an undead reformed warrior and assassin who also happens to be a 3,000-year-old therapist.

Throughout the game, you’ll be meeting up with a variety of clients: self-hating vampires, agoraphobic social media addicts, supernatural narcissists, and victims of centuries-old capitalistic systems. All of the techniques shown throughout Vampire Therapist have been created with the help and support of licensed therapists, to give the game an authentic message.

Vampire Therapist springs from a belief that humanity could have always benefited from therapy. By providing a playfully dark, yet cozy experience, we hope to demystify therapy and show how it can be helpful to anyone, no matter how old they are,” said Cyrus Nemati, Creative Director of Little Bat Games.

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