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The Staves Release New Single ‘I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It’

The Staves have released a new song, ‘I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It’, the latest preview of their upcoming album All Now. It follows the previously shared ‘You Held It All’ and the title track. Take a listen below.

“This was the first song we recorded for the album and we had just written it so there’s a freshness and an immediacy to it for us,” the Staves shared in a statement. “The song is about passing surges of emotions and memories that often don’t get expressed or articulated. It’s exploring that state of stillness on the outside but with a flurry of things happening below the surface and how, often, we don’t let on what we’re really feeling most of the time or how much we’re feeling it. Even the question ‘how are you?’ can prove difficult to find the answer to… The song came from a train-ride down to Brighton with friends with the scenery whizzing by – the transient flashes as things come in and out of focus. The song is built around this two-chord pattern that kind of chugs along and motors through, picking out these jolts of feeling or memory that rush by.”

All Now is set for release on March 22 via Communion Records.

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