We Know When Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Will Reportedly Start Filming, And It’s Soon

After Five Nights at Freddy’s killed it on opening night and ultimately brought $296.4 million to the box office, this was a good sign that a sequel would be in the cards. As for where Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 stands, Blumhouse VP Ryan Turek previously said that the wait for the green light was ongoing. Luckily, that’s over, as it’s been revealed that the upcoming horror movie will start shooting sooner than you think.

Critics may have felt the video game film adaptation was “sanitized,” but audiences loved it, as they gave Five Nights at Freddy’s an 87% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, finding it fun and entertaining. Well, good news is coming to fans of the movie, as The Film & Television Industry Alliance revealed the sequel will begin shooting July 1st in New Orleans and Los Angeles. With a summer shooting date, and assuming all goes well, that means Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 will likely be released sometime in 2025.

It’s good news that Five Nights at Freddy’s will continue its story. As the film’s ending set up the potential for the next movie, there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up. For example, I’d like to know what’s to come of the souls of the children taking residence inside the animatronic mascots. Will they be on the good side this time around after discovering their souls were controlled by their murderer, William Afton? Could Mike’s deceased brother, Garrett, be a soul inside another puppet in the abandoned pizzeria? 

Plus, we saw that the animatronics dragged William Afton away still alive. This could mean the future return of the previous film’s villain in trying to gain back control of the possessed mascots. Matthew Lillard, who played Five Nights at Freddy’s villainous role, spoke about sequel plans and mentioned how important it was for Scott Cawthon, the horror franchise’s creator, to answer the questions fans have for the next movie. Without knowing the fate of Afton, I’m sure fans would love to know if this character will continue being a threat to those who now know the homicidal crimes he committed.

As for what else we know about the horror sequel, many members from the cast of Five Nights at Freddy’s should be back, with the obvious exception of Mary Stuart Masterson. Hopefully Matthew Lillard will return as the sequel’s villain. If his character really did die in the hands of the mascots, at least it would be interesting to see him come back as a flashback to give more backstory about his crimes. 

One return we can guarantee for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is Emma Tammi, whom The Film & Television Industry Alliance confirmed will direct and co-write the movie again. As her magic helped bring in a large crowd the first time around, I’m sure her direction will make the sequel bigger and better than ever.

It’s official that Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 will reportedly begin filming in July. As it will probably be at least a year before we see the animatronic mascots and the rest of the cast at the famed pizzeria, you can watch the movie that started it all with your Peacock subscription.

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