These 8 Swimwear Trends Will Be Everywhere This Year

In case you missed it, there’s a crisp hint of spring in the air, and ski trip Instagram posts are starting to dwindle. That can only mean one thing: Swim season is nigh. Whether or not you’ve already booked that first summer vacation, the least you can do is start planning your outfits for said getaway. This year, it’ll be easier than ever to build your wardrobe around swimwear, as the line between clothing and technical swim styles becomes more and more blurred. Heck, a black swim tank is one of my favorite tops to wear in the summer (no sweat stains, invisible lift, cute style, what more could I need?). Throw on some denim shorts or a terry dress with some cute sandals, and you’re in business. “We’ve seen it throughout runway shows over the past two seasons: micro mesh sarong and loosely gauged knitwear coverups,” said Jordan LaGuardia and Terese Ostendorf LaGuardia, co-founders of Meridian Swimwear. “This sheer layer trend paired with the pantless trend is bringing swimwear into everyday styling.”

Even better, swimwear has become a leader in sustainable fashion, with many brands incorporating more ethical efforts into their businesses. “There’s a mindful shift away from the single-summer swimwear, $30 fast-fashion suits that last just a few months,” said Sienna Gomez, the founder of Sienna Swim. “Our customers care about where their suits come from, and that they’re made in a sustainable and thoughtful way.” Maybe it’s part of the mentality of swim culture, a oneness with the Earth, that’s to thank for this shift—one that’s proven to be a slower transition for ready-to-wear. Perhaps different materials and manufacturing processes are to thank, as well. Whatever the case, earth-friendly practices are the new standard for swimwear.

Broad movements of sustainability and wearability aside, some exciting trends are happening in swimwear right now. From blingy built-in hardware and invisible shaping technology to the continuation of the viral coquette aesthetic, browse the trends you’ll see all over the beaches this year (and hopefully rocking yourself), below.

Coquette, Continued


Courtesy, Paramidonna

It’s everywhere—from fashion to décor, from our phones to our hair to our shoes. And now, our swimwear. The coquette phenomenon (a.k.a. the obsession with ultra-feminine aesthetics) will, to no one’s surprise, continue well into summer. Prepare to see bows, baby pink, ruffles, and ruching galore.

Mary’s Rose Bikini

Divino Seas Mary’s Rose Bikini

Two Piece Kylie Bikini

Paramidonna Two Piece Kylie Bikini

Rose Elegant High Cut Leg Pink Swimsuit

Oceanus Rose Elegant High Cut Leg Pink Swimsuit

Maillot Mania


Courtesy, Boteh

One-piece swimsuits are easy classics, but with the Sofia Richie-effect and Pamela Anderson’s elegant return to the spotlight, they’re trending again. “I’m loving the comeback of the one-piece: a timeless, classy staple that people are bringing back in a way that’s still sexy and fun,” Gomez shared. “I’m seeing our customers dress up their swimsuits with gold jewelry, slicked back hair, and sheer dresses that easily transition from day to night.”

Avila One Piece

Sienna Swim Avila One Piece

Wallpaper Panayiota Suit

Boteh Wallpaper Panayiota Suit

Icône Tank One-Piece

Eres Icône Tank One-Piece

Shiny Hardware

nana jacqueline

Courtesy, Nana Jacqueline

Jewelry is always a must for an accessories-minded editor like me, but this trend makes it easy since the glitz and glamour are already built-in. Think attached waist chains and other shiny trinkets so you can glisten in the sun without having to worry about losing anything. For a bonus, add some swim jewelry from Dorne, which can clip onto any swimsuit for some fun sparkle.

Pierced One Piece

SAME Pierced One Piece

Savannah Bikini Set

Nana Jacqueline Savannah Bikini Set

Lumière Ring Lacè Microkini

Oseree Lumière Ring Lacè Microkini



Courtesy, Anemos

Perhaps it’s the return of the ’70s aesthetic, but bandeaus are back for the time being. They’re easy for summer and in line with the boho-chic resurgence, so why not? “We’re always looking for swimsuits that are tan line-focused,” said LaGuardia. “There is nothing worse than wearing a trendy suit, getting too much sun, then spending the rest of the summer trying to even out your tan lines.”

Mariel Bikini

Tropic of C Mariel Bikini

Tortoise Bandeau Bikini

Anemos Tortoise Bandeau Bikini

Lucia One Piece

Mara Hoffman Lucia One Piece

’90s Minimalism

it's now cool

Courtesy, It’s Now Cool

It feels like we’ve been saying the ’90s are back since, well, the ’90s. But we can’t deny a trend when it’s there. Minimalistic shapes, clean lines, and solid colors (like black, a favorite), are generally classics in fashion, but they’re particularly flattering in swimwear. “The classic high hip, cheeky bottom will always be in, but this year, in particular, will have a huge demand for the ’90s low rise, full coverage bottom, hip bones out and everything,” according to Gomez. “As a design team, we’re focusing more on a lower or mid-rise bottom because of how they elongate the torso and legs and flatter all body types. Modest is in.”

Black Tahiti Bikini

Sanori Black Tahiti Bikini

The 90's Duo Pant

It’s Now Cool The 90’s Duo Pant

Ziah Dita Cut-Out Swimsuit

St. Agni Ziah Dita Cut-Out Swimsuit

Sculpted Shape


Courtesy, Bydee

One could argue that swimwear has never been easy for those with normal (read: beautiful!) bodies. Skimpy swim doesn’t do much besides cover the essentials (barely) but swimsuits with more coverage aren’t always the most stylish or cool. Not this year. More brands are focusing on shapewear elements that can be incorporated invisibly into a swimsuit with the help of compression fabrics and intentional construction. These elements offer needed support and desired sculpting effects that can boost anyone’s confidence, whether you need it or not. Inspired by co-founder Chrissy McCurdy wearing a bra under her swimsuit, Stylest began as a way to make shapewear water-friendly, instead of the reverse of changing yourself for a swimsuit. “Sculpting swimwear has needed a fashion makeover for a long time,” said Stylest co-founder and former fashion editor, Joyann King Michael. “Women’s lifestyles and bodies evolve, and floppy, skimpy swimwear doesn’t always work.”

DreamSculpt™ Square Neck Tank

Stylest DreamSculpt™ Square Neck Tank

Ventura Top in Frutta

Bydee Ventura Top in Frutta

Remi One-Piece Swimsuit

L’Agence Remi One-Piece Swimsuit

Nature Colors

meridian swimwear

Courtesy, Meridian Swimwear

Bright, neon swimwear might’ve been big in the 2010s, but not quite in this decade. This year, swimwear is all about natural colors: blues, greens, browns, and neutrals. Just think about the environment you’ll be in with water, sand, and tropical leaves. Consider this part of fashion’s overall move towards subtler style choices. “We’re seeing a trend of ‘back-to-basics’ in swimwear,” said the founder and CEO of Jade Swim, Brittany Kozerski Freeney. “Neutral, earth-toned colors have always done well for us, but especially this year as it starts to trend. They’re flattering on all skin tones and, if desired, allow you to layer on bolder accessories and cover-ups to style your swim pieces differently for every kind of occasion.”

Mica Bay Sparkle

Triangl Mica Bay Sparkle

Zuri Top

Jade Swim Zuri Top

Solstice Bikini

Meridian Swimwear Solstice Bikini

Print Renaissance

monday swimwear

Courtesy, Monday Swimwear

For those who aren’t subscribed to the subtle aesthetic, maximalism is back, and fun prints are no exception. Whether on the beach, at the lake, or by the pool, a bold pattern is sure to stand out. Take it from Cosita Linda designer, Lina Goez: “For the coming season, we’re seeing beautiful tropical, botanical, and exotic prints, with bright turquoise and sunset corals.”

Marbled Jaguar Capri Top

Monday Swimwear Marbled Jaguar Capri Top

Serenity Plunge One-Piece

Cosita Linda Serenity Plunge One-Piece

One-Piece Swimsuit

Etam One-Piece Swimsuit

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