Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Lovebird

Enjoy Heather the Avian Alien while you can, folks, because if the title of the next episode is any indication, she’s soon leaving the nest.

The title is “Bye Bye Birdie.”

If there’s one thing that we know after Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 5, it’s that Harry isn’t going to save the world if Heather sticks around.

Kudos again to Alan Tudyk and Edi Patterson for putting so much life into Harry and Heather as they flock together.

I often wonder what the blooper reel for Resident Alien must be like, and after watching those two at the friendly dinner at Asta and D’Arcy’s place, I’m more certain than ever they’d need an additional season to share all of the blooper joy.

With so much comedic antics going on, you might think there wouldn’t be much time for story, but you’d be wrong.

Harry’s preoccupation with matters of the heart (or nether regions) has made him sloppy, and without even thinking about it, he revealed that aliens had abducted Ben for years.

Life is about balance, so you can have a girlfriend and work on the mission.


In the Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 4 review, we discussed how the more people know about Harry, the wider the door opens to unique storytelling, and this is a perfect example.

D’Arcy processes all new information in an instant. She takes nothing sitting down. Her mind was racing the moment those words left Harry’s mouth, and now that she knows, it seems unlikely the secret will be kept for long.

D’Arcy regrets many things she’s done in her life, and she believes leaving people in the dark will cause more pain than setting them free ever will.

She realized that without even knowing the turmoil taking place in the Hawthorne household.

That family will fall apart if they don’t get to the root of their troubles soon.

What’s exceptionally sad about their situation is how far Ben and Kate have come in their marriage. When we first met them during Resident Alien Season 1, they were on entirely different pages.

They still have issues like any married couple, but they’d put so much behind them, only to begin recalling their abductions, which is driving them apart again.

Kate isn’t sharing her true feelings about what she’s recalling with Ben because he’s so quick to shrug off any discussion about aliens.

If they’d give him the time of day, Max might be able to shed some light on their situation and give them some solace. Not all aliens are bad, and there’s one among us who may even be able to help.

But Kate is confiding in people with tiny morsels of information. It’s not ideal, and it will take a lot of time to get to the bottom of things, but it’s a start.

Unfortunately, as much as Liv believes in what she saw the first time Ben was abducted (and now D’Arcy believes it, too), she’s not the most confident person when it comes to talking about it.

Patience is making fun of her, and her own Nana threw her under the bus. When talking about aliens, she’s alight with excitement, but that seemed to turn off Kate.

When you believe you have been abducted and someone before you says they wish they were, your paths will likely diverge right there. But if Kate trusted Liv enough to let her in, they may learn something.

At least Liv was well-versed enough in the alien realm to point Kate in the right direction about seeing owls. The most frightening part of what Liv revealed is that remembering owls could signify ongoing abductions.

Wait. Are you seeing owls? Do you think you’ve been abducted?


If you’re interested, this is a real phenomenon. Type “owls alien abductions” into Google, and the internet comes alive site after site with explanations about the connections between the two.

You had better believe that if I ever see a white owl, my curiosity will be piqued!

With the latest developments, I can’t help but wonder if everyone who was a part of that camping trip will soon recall what happened, opening many in Patience to the reality of their small town and expanding their small minds in the process.

Patience may not know it, but we know that aliens are among them, and they’re landing with increasing regularity.

The aim of The Greys is to manipulate Earth’s gravitational pull so they can live happily on our planet. But what happens to the hybrids if that’s a go?

Are The Greys creating the alien hybrid race to help them fortify Earth for their needs, or is it also a backup plan in case they can’t do that and their only way to survive is as hybrids?

If it’s the latter, they should have just asked.

Abducting people and impregnating them and stealing their babies may seem like the best route, but with people like Liv wishing they were abducted, they may only need to ask if humanity would like to merge species.

Cross-species relationships aren’t all bad. Just ask Harry and Heather!

Heather has just been threatened away from Harry, and the synopsis for Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 6 suggests that she’ll take flight as a result. That’s not all it reveals.

Harry hits rock bottom, Kate begins seeing the truth, and Mike helps Liv face her greatest fear, the brief synopsis reads.

Harry is like a teenager discovering hormones for the first time. His alien mind is still adapting to his human bodysuit, so he’s constantly on an emotional roller coaster.

He’s sky high on “Lovebird” and will hit rock bottom on “Bye Bye Birdie,” but I’d expect him to be flying right again by Episode 7.

The season has to end on a high note and a cliffhanger because that’s how this show (and sci-fi in general) rolls. Currently, Harry thinks it’s grand to allow The General to solve his Earth problem.

I think he’s about to discover that their problems are not the same, which will kick him into high gear.

Asta and D’Arcy pushing him in the right direction and wanting desperately to help Ben and Kate will drive his actions as much as what he learns about The General.

It was a godsend that Max stole and used the formula Harry created. Now Harry knows why The Greys have made Yellowstone ground zero, and he knows why they need alien hybrids to help them on Earth.

What he doesn’t know is how The General is prepping for Robo Alien Hunter to undertake a mission. How does she think one Robo will be the key? What can one man, even a robotic one, do for such a large endeavor?

I guess the same could be said for Harry saving the planet, but he’s an alien. He’s got inside information that just spotting aliens can’t trump.

These last two hours have been pure entertainment with staccato bursts of plot mixed in, and it’s been a lot of fun. Now I’m ready to get back to the action at hand. Let’s see what Harry does with all the information that’s blossoming around him.

How far will D’Arcy go to help the Hawthornes? Will Ben think long and hard about what she said? Long enough to entertain the idea his son’s colorful alien talk might not be bunk?

Let’s talk about Resident Alien!

We didn’t get as many Resident Alien quotes as usual, but you can still check them out.

And if you are of a mind, please do drop (dew drop!) a comment below.

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