The Infectious New Single From KARMA, ‘Can’t Live In The Past’

Girl group KARMA are giving us TLC vibes. They released their brand new single ‘Can’t Live In The Past’ which also features Temmora. The group took to YouTube to explain the meaning behind the song;

The song “Can’t live in the past” suggests that dwelling on past mistakes or regrets is unproductive. It encourages embracing the present moment and moving forward, letting go of things that cannot be changed. It emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, growth, and focusing on the future rather than getting stuck in the past. Certainly! The song lyric “Can’t live in the past” is a reminder to not hold onto past grievances or dwell on past experiences that may be negative or hurtful. It emphasizes the idea of forgiveness and moving forward with one’s life. Living in the past can prevent personal growth and hinder the ability to fully embrace and enjoy the present. It is a call to let go of grudges, regrets, and any negative emotions tied to past events. By accepting that what’s done is done and cannot be changed, one can free themselves from the burden of the past and focus on creating a better future.

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