Deliver Me From Nowhere: Everything We Know About The Bruce Springsteen Biopic

In 1982, Bruce Springsteen released one of his most beloved yet unorthodox albums in the form of Nebraska. This highly influential album, unlike many that came before and after it from “The Boss,” was a stripped-down and more melancholy record that didn’t have the customary upbeat and bombastic sound of his E. Street Band, and instead consisted of nothing more than guitar, harmonica, and Springsteen’s iconic voice. Now the album is about to be the inspiration for a new biopic about New Jersey’s favored son.

At some point in the future, audiences will get to go back in time and see how Springsteen came up with Nebraska and how the musician known for his working-class anthems about bad times and glory days came out of the experience a changed man. Here is everything we know about Deliver Me From Nowhere, one of the biggest upcoming music biopics. 

What Is The Deliver Me From Nowhere Release Date

Bruce Springsteen performing My Hometown

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Though we would love to know when Deliver Me From Nowhere will dive into one of the greatest albums of all time, we haven’t heard anything about the film’s release date. Considering that production hasn’t even started at the time of this writing, it’s doubtful we’ll see the Bruce Springsteen biopic on the 2024 movie schedule. However, don’t be too surprised if the movie hits the big screen sometime in early 2025.

Jeremy Allen White Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Bruce Springsteen

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear

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Details about the film’s release are a little murky at this point, but we do know that Jeremy Allen White, the in-demand star of The Bear, is reportedly in talks to portray Bruce Springsteen during one of the musician’s most pivotal eras. In March 2024, Deadline reported that the Shameless alum, who bulked up to play the late Kerry Von Erich in Sean Larkin’s The Iron Claw, was being circled for what could possibly be his biggest film role yet.

White, who was still in the middle of production of The Bear Season 3 at the time news broke about his potential role in Deliver Me From Nowhere, hadn’t entered negotiations at the time of this writing, but we can expect some official word in the coming weeks and months, especially as we work our way towards the start principal photography. 

Deliver Me From Nowhere Will Follow Bruce Springsteen As He Attempts To Make His 1982 Album, Nebraska

Bruce Springsteen performing "Nebraska" on VH1 Storytellers

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When Deadline revealed the upcoming Springsteen movie, the outlet described the music biopic as one that will follow “The Boss” as he attempts to make his sixth studio album, Nebraska, which was released in 1982. Though plot details are slim to none at this point in time, fans of Springsteen’s work, and this album in general, are fully aware of how its conception came during one of the musician’s toughest stretches, both professionally and personally.

It will be interesting to see how Deliver Me From Nowhere tells the story of how Springsteen created not only one of his best albums, but also one of the most celebrated and influential albums of all time. 

Released Between The River And Born In The USA, Nebraska Is Springsteen’s Most Stripped Down Album And One Of His Best

Bruce Springsteen in the Dancing in the Dark video

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Nebraska was released between The River and Born in the U.S.A., two of Springsteen’s most popular and influential albums. But, unlike those two records, which were filled with massive songs like “Hungry Heart,” “I’m on Fire,” “The River,” and “Born in the U.S.A.” that saw each member of the E. Street Band getting time to shine, Nebraska consisted of 10 stripped-down and somber tracks with Springsteen, and only Springsteen being recorded.

Tracks like “Atlantic City,” “State Trooper,” “Highway Patrolman,” and the title track, “Nebraska,” which chronicled the life and crimes of spree killer Charles Starkweather, initially started out as demos for the E. Street Band, but they ultimately ended up remaining the stripped-down songs fans know today, with the electric tracks becoming the stuff of rock and roll legend. Despite the more raw sound and presentation, Nebraska remains one of Springsteen’s best albums and has ended up on lists by RollingStone, NME, and other music publications over the years.

Bruce Springsteen Considers Nebraska A ‘Happy Accident’

Bruce Springsteen on CBS Sunday Morning

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Bruce Springsteen put Nebraska on a four-track cassette recorder in January 1982 and changed the course of his career and rock music as a whole. But as The Boss told CBS Sunday Morning in April 2023, the whole album was one big “happy accident,” stating:

It was a happy accident. I had planned to just write some good songs, teach them to the band, go into the studio, and record them. But every time I tried to improve on the tape that I made in that little room it was the old story of “if this gets any better, it’s going to be worse.’

Springsteen left the demos as they were and created a masterpiece in the process. And, as CBS correspondent Jim Axelrod said at the end of the nine-minute segment, if fans want to enjoy Springsteen’s work, listen to anything, but if they want to understand The Boss, listen to Nebraska

The Upcoming Biopic Is Based On Warren Zanes’ Book, ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making Of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska’

Bruce Springsteen in High Fidelity

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You can add Deliver Me From Nowhere to the list of upcoming book-to-screen adaptations as the music biopic is based on Warren Zanes’ non-fiction book of the same. Published by Crown Publishing Group in 2023 (with a paperback version by Penguin Random House set for a May 2024 release), Zanes’ book chronicles not only Nebraska but also everything that Springsteen brought with him when he composed and recorded some of his most iconic tracks. 

Deliver Me From Nowhere was a hit with readers and was even named one of the best books of the year by NPR, in addition to other publications and outlets throughout the country.

Scott Cooper Is Writing And Directing Deliver Me From Nowhere

Christian Bale in The Pale Blue Eye

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When production eventually begins, Scott Cooper will be sitting in the director’s chair, according to Variety. Cooper, whose previous work includes the country music movie, Crazy Heart, Black Mass, and most recently, The Pale Blue Eye, also adapted the film’s script.

Also heavily involved with the project is Scott Stuber, a former Universal Pictures and Netflix producer who has helped get movies like Patriots Day, Love & Other Drugs, and various others off the ground over the past few decades.

Expect to hear much more about Deliver Me From Nowhere in the coming weeks and months. But, in the meantime, take a look at our rundown of 32 amazing biopics everyone should see.

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