A Big Bold Beautiful Journey: Everything We Know About The Margot Robbie And Colin Farrell Movie

Margo Robbie and Colin Farrell have given some of the best performances in recent memory with their roles in Barbie and The Banshees of Inisherin, respectively. And now the two decorated actors are preparing for their project, A Big Bold Beautiful Journey. This new, exciting, and mysterious project will see the talented actors work with a director with a brilliant track record and unique vision, the screenwriter behind one of the best movies of 2022, and it all sounds like so much fun.

Though there is still quite a bit of mystery surrounding the upcoming project, we actually know a fair amount about one of the most interesting movies to fall onto our radar in quite some time. All of that being said, here’s everything we know about A Big Bold Beautiful Journey at this point in time. 

What Is The Release Date For A Big Bold Beautiful Journey?

Margot Robbie as Barbie

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Though we would all love to see Margot Robbie follow up the massive success of Barbie with A Big Bold Beautiful Journey and dominate the box office two years in a row, the truth is the release date for the movie has not been announced yet. 

Considering production hasn’t yet started (more on that later) at the time of this writing, there’s a good chance we won’t see Robbie and Colin Farrell’s new film on the 2024 movie schedule. However, expect to hear much more about the release date, or at least the release window, in the coming weeks and months.

Margot Robbie And Colin Farrell Will Lead A Big Bold Beautiful Journey

Margot Robbie in Barbie and Colin Farrell in The Banshees of Inisherin

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Searchlight Pictures)

Not a whole lot is known about who will be appearing alongside them in A Big Bold Beautiful Journey, but Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell will be leading the cast when the film makes its eventual debut somewhere down the road. Back in February 2024, Variety announced that Robbie and Farrell were set to star in the mysterious romantic movie, but didn’t provide any details about their respective roles. Regardless, these two A-listers are more than capable of handling anything that comes their way.

If you look at Margot Robbie’s best movies, you’ll see a great number of versatile projects including heartwarming meta-comedies like Barbie, a variety of comic book movies like The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, and sprawling crime epics. The same can be said for Farrell, who has spent the past few decades appearing in movies like The Lobster, In Bruges, The Batman, and Miami Vice, which was great even though he wasn’t a fan of his own work

The Movie Has Been Described As An Imaginative Tale Of Two Strangers

Colin Farrell in In Bruges

(Image credit: Focus Features)

Details about A Big Bold Beautiful Journey’s plot are currently being kept under wraps, but the Variety article announcing the project did provide some insight into the upcoming Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell movie. The outlet announced in February 2024 that the movie is an imaginative tale of two strangers, as well as an unbelievable journey that connects their stories. 

And while we don’t really know what all of that means or how it will fit into the story, this could be something like the 2023 Best Picture winner, Everything Everywhere All at Once, which featured a hard-to-describe premise and imaginative story about a woman traversing the multiverse on an odyssey of self-discovery. 

Korean Filmmaker Kogonada Is Set To Direct A Big Bold Beautiful Journey

Jodie Turner-Smith in After Yang

(Image credit: A24)

In addition to having two major Hollywood stars involved with the project, A Big Bold Beautiful Journey will also have a visionary director behind the camera. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Korean-born American filmmaker Kogonada will be helming the mysterious romance movie. 

After making a name for himself with a series of video essays on influential filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Terrence Malick, and Stanley Kubrick a little more than a decade ago, Kogonada began to make movies on his own. First, he released the 2017 drama film, Columbus, which he followed up with 2021’s After Yang, which featured Colin Farrell in a major capacity. The director also helmed two episodes of the upcoming Star Wars show, The Acolyte

The Script Was Written By The Menu’s Seth Reiss

Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes speaking in The Menu

(Image credit: Searchlight Pictures)

When Kogonada begins directing A Big Bold Beautiful Journey, he will be working off an original script written by Seth Reiss, who many will remember for being the scribe behind The Menu, a genre-bending horror flick that was as fun as it was intense, and featured unforgettable performances from the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, and Ralph Fiennes as the over-the-top and demanding Chef Slowik.

Interestingly enough, the upcoming project will only be Reiss’ second movie, as most of his career has been spent writing for TV series, late-night talk shows, and various comedy specials. For the past 10 years, Reiss has served as a writer and writing supervisor for Late Night with Seth Meyers, which came after spending several years writing for The Onion and its various spinoffs. 

Sony Pictures’ Tom Rothman Has Called A Big Bold Beautiful Journey A ‘Project From Heaven’

Margot Robbie in Barbie

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Sony Pictures acquired the distribution rights for A Big Bold Beautiful Journey in February 2024, and the studio must be very excited about its upcoming project. In a statement shared with Variety, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman called the imaginative new acquisition a “project from heaven.” Believing audiences are hungry and “desperate for originality,” the executive gave off the impression he was convinced the upcoming Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell movie will be one for the ages.

Production Will Kick Off In Spring 2024

Colin Farrell in Winter's Tale

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

We don’t know exactly when cameras will start rolling on A Big Bould Beautiful Journey, but the shoot will kick off at some point in Spring 2024, according to Deadline. Production is said to be taking place in California, but a precise location and start date have not yet been revealed by Sony Pictures or anyone else involved with the project. 

We should know more about A Big Bold Beautiful Journey in the very near future as more actors are announced to appear alongside Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell, additional plot details are revealed, and everything else is sorted out.

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