8 Best Jewelry Brands For Men to Flaunt & Represent in 2024

To this day, expressing your style through jewelry just isn’t as mainstream for men as it is for women. Men tend to focus on sucking data via bleepy-bloops on their wrists, get obsessed by watches, or wear a simple ring to signify marriage.

But, in recent years, that attitude has started to melt away a little bit. Some sects of men (often younger) are comfortable expressing themselves with shiny metal objects on their ears, fingers, wrists, necks, and ankles. Wait, no, definitely not the ankles. That’s still taboo.

This list of the best jewelry brands for men is ideal for those at the beginning of their journey, or, if you’re already in the know, this a brilliant tip sheet on some brands you might be unaccustomed to.

Whether it’s a classic chain or nu-wave summery pearls, we’ve got something for everyone. We know the best jewelry brands for men that are executing it on an elite level.

Don’t leave something as joyous as jewelry to chance. Be invested. Know your stuff. Find what you like. Give it time to breathe. Read on below for the best jewelry brands for men.

Key Takeaways 

For this task, I sat in my office, put my index finger and thumb together on both hands, closed my eyes, and let the universe deliver. That didn’t work.

So, I revisited articles I’d written previously, checked in with PRs, read articles, checked Reddit, read customer reviews, and then phoned my mum. (Always remember to check in with your nearest and dearest.)

These eight brands are the brightest on the scene. The overall best jewelry brand for men is David Yurman. The brand has a range of styles and prices of exceptional quality, and Michael B. Jordan fronted the latest campaign.

Elsewhere, I considered value for money, creativity, ethical metal sourcing, brand reputation, and customer reviews. This is how I decided on the best jewelry brands for men.

The second choice is AMBUSH for the reason that the designs are super interesting and something you might not have come across before.

Our Top Picks

man wearing a set of jewelry by john hardy
johnhardyjewelry / Instagram
Best jewelry brands for men: michael b. jordan wearing a set of jewelry by david yurman
davidyurmanmen / Instagram

Why it’s great: This is jewelry for the debonair and the aspirational. The designs often come in different metals and have intricate patterns. David Yurman has a history of teaming with high-profile ambassadors, which gives the brand A-list allure.

Since the launch of the men’s range in 2004, Henry Golding, Michael B. Jordan and Shawn Mendes have all brought vigor to the brand. David Yurman knows that jewelry is all about glitz and glam, baby, making them one of the best jewelry brands for men.

Who is this for? It’s premium jewelry for the stylistically bold. There are sharp classics, signature chevron styles, and exuberant pieces, too. Put simply, there is a jewelry type for every occasion.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The expressive designs and high price points might exclude some. Put it on your next holiday wishlist!

man wearing the black onyx signet ring by mejuri
mejuri / Instagram

Why it’s great: This is one of the best jewelry brands for neb for affordability and daily wear. And the best part? It won’t turn your skin green. Coming from someone who’s fallen in love with cheap-ass jewelry only for it to start leaking into my skin, this is worth avoiding.

So, while the brand produces effortlessly chic 14k gold signet rings upwards of $500, it also offers more affordable gemstone bracelets. Yes, there are cheaper brands, but jewelry is meant to have longevity, so there is only so cheap you can stoop to. This pricing feels fair.

Who is this for? The beauty of Mejuri is its simplicity. This allows for full functional use: appropriate for the beach, cafe and private members club. A customer review states that Mejuri is “subtle enough to go with everything and pretty enough to stand out.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I understand that a $50 bracelet is still too much for some. But if you wear it 50 times… sorry, girl math has taken me over.

man wearing a cuban chain bracelet and necklace by miabella
miabella / Instagram

Why it’s great: Miabella brings classic styles at an affordable price point. This means you can experiment with styles before committing to investment-worthy pieces.

Of all the men’s jewelry brands this is the least experimental. Despite that, within the conventional aesthetic there is a good degree of variation. For example, the space between links, link style, metal color and jewelry type.

Who is this for? A good 925 sterling silver bracelet and necklace should be a staple of one’s wardrobe. It’s for those who want decent jewelry to marry a conventional masculine aesthetic with a good price point.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I fear that quality is an issue. Some reviews complaining allude to discoloration. However, the brand holds 4.5 stars across its products, suggesting it’s worth it.

man resting with cigarette on mouth
33mmofficial / Instagram

Why it’s great: It’s jewelry that doesn’t overplay its hand. It’s all about small chains and pendants that work within a known nomenclature of iconography. The brand offers a unisex range that feels natural, neutral, and approachable.

For me, I love the use of green gemstones against gold-plated metals. Plus, the simplicity of the earrings looks so cool, it makes me wonder: could I?

Who is this for? It’s jewelry drenched in nostalgia, youth, and desire. Well, not literally, but it’s simple, sexy jewelry that elicits a certain sun-kissed utopia. Think Cannes, Amalfi Coast, or Big Sur. We’re talking one of the best jewelry brands for men.

This is jewelry for those days spent languorously spread on sun-loungers. Also, if these sun-lounging people also love a bargain, then 33mm is definitely for them.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Not to detract from the desirability of the style, but jewelry at this price isn’t a lifetime purchase. Sadly.

man wearing a pair of silver necklace and eating a mango
eliou__ / Instagram

Why it’s great: Bring some vibrancy back into your life. Bring joy to your palette. And if you feel nauseated by any of these statements, you need to lighten up and get yourself a piece from Éliou. The brand is a celebration of flair and letting good times roll.

Who is this for? Yeah, despite my efforts to cajole certain people into expression, gender-fluidity and, essentially, wearing pearl bracelets, I’m fully aware this brand isn’t for everyone.

I am a big proponent of dressing right for the seasons and this feels like full mid summer jewelry. If there aren’t sweat beads forming underneath, it’s not been worn in the right climate.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best jewelry brands for men. However, its pearly, joyous brightness won’t be to everyone’s taste. Which is a shame.

man wearing a set of bracelet by Le Gramme
legramme_officiel / Instagram

Why it’s great: Le Gramme’s jewelry feels heavy, weighty, precise, and chic. It’s as if an engineer had put their meticulous gaze onto men’s jewelry.

It feels like that because Erwan Le Louër, one of the co-founders, has a master’s degree in industrial design. When leaving university, this erudition was funneled into jewelry instead of industry. But rather than being soulless, the products have an almost zen-like balance and harmony.

Who is this for? The signature cable and metal weight design is a stylish companion to a chic smart-casual outfit. I believe Le Gramme might be the ideal brand for a man who’s open to trying out jewelry for the first time but doesn’t know where to start. Take that first step with this, one of the best jewelry brands for men.

The cleanliness of the aesthetic means that the jewelry isn’t trying to make expressive identity statements.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I don’t think this, but the hard edges might feel clinical to some.

man wearing a set of jewelry from john hardy
johnhardyjewelry / Instagram

Why it’s great: John Hardy is one of the most overlooked men’s jewelry brands. Maybe it’s because Kendall Jenner hasn’t posted about it on Instagram. (Has she?)

The brand isn’t exactly unknown, but maybe it deserves more hype, love, and notoriety. Why? Because the designs don’t shy away from statements and yet they capture the essence of luxury: indulgence. The brand uses 100% reclaimed metals like sterling silver, 14k gold, and diamond encrusting.

But it’s the attention to detail, not the diamonds, that really shine through here. Some items take the artisans 9 hours to cast and are then finished by hand. Plus, recent collaborations with Todd Snyder and female supermodel Adwoa Aboah suggest that its finger is firmly on the pulse.

Who is this for? This is one of the best jewelry brands for men. But do not wear it if you want subtlety. The new season focuses on rings and pendants with bright turquoise stones, gemstones, and black onyx all beset by small diamonds.

The intricate snake spear-designs will make conversation pieces down at the yacht club. It’s definitely luxurious, but it’s also on the flamboyant side of life. Live a little.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you like low-decibel luxury (I think that’s what they call it), avert yourself now.

the pill charm earring by ambush
ambush_official / Instagram

Why it’s great: Fun. Fun. Fun. There is creativity spilling out of this designers’ ears. Objects like whistles, spikes, heart-shaped gems, bike chains, pills, a Jeff Koons-style teddy bear, and safety pins are expressed through the jewelry.

Although novelty is king here, the pieces have a chic exterior and are built from a solid and reliable 925 sterling silver base.

Who is this for? It’s for those with a good sense of humor and style. The daring AMBUSH designs tend to lend themselves to casual street style rather than formal occasions. So, if your jeans/T-shirt combo is feeling a bit flat, this is a wonderful way to spice up your look.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: You pay a price for the novelty and ingenuity of the designs.

man wearing the knotted leather necklace by ambush
ambush_official / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best Jewelry Brands for Men

Personal Style

Interesting one. Do you stick within what you know works? Or do you experiment in a slightly new direction? Try a take on Virgil Abloh’s “3% rule”.

This is the idea that you tweak an existing style by 3% to make it exciting, engaging, new, and yet still familiar. If you are experimenting, then tweak by increments. This saves you from buying a spiked leather choker and trying to style it with your prized array of summer linens.

Types of Jewelry

Rings are a necessity for married men, grunge sub-cultures, and data-obsessed fitness freaks. The brands above offer simplistic and more avant-garde options so you can get your perfect ring. For a statement, try a signet ring, lending all the weight and confidence of inherited wealth and deeds to a castle in Scotland.

Bracelets are the most accessible, especially a bracelet by Le Gramme. Necklaces or chains are defined by their weight, width, and chain spacing. More space and less metal means a more gender-neutral appeal.

Earrings are punk. Give them a whirl at least once in your life. Tie Clips and cufflinks might be considered ‘jewelry of the suit.’ Anklets. We’ve talked about this; stop trying to make it a thing.

Jewelry Materials

Although a book could be dedicated to this subject, I’ll try in short form. Gold is the choice of royalty for its allure, malleability, and durability. It often comes in 14k and 18k, referring to its purity.

Sterling Silver 925 is another common jewelry metal, 925 referring to 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Silver can be plated, vermeil(ed), or filled with gold in ascending order of gold thickness.

Meteorite is a reclaimed meteorite. Stainless steel is an affordable yet durable composite often used for watches. Platinum, palladium, tungsten, titanium, and cobalt are all shiny, extremely durable, bright white metals.

tag pendant necklace and a black basketball by david yurman
davidyurmanmen / Instagram

How We Chose

I have a rigorous approach to deciding which are the best jewelry brands for men. It’s scientific. First, I put lots and lots of brand names in a hat (a big hat), and then I pull them out one by one until I have eight names.

A joke. For this task, I, first of all, discounted any items or brands using nickel. This is a cheap metal that turns green after repeated use and generally over time; plus, it can cause contact dermatitis. Then I wanted my choices to reflect the diversity of jewelry out there. I wanted a variety of prices, styles, metals, types, and designers.

Brand Identity: Each of the brands here has strong, proud, and unique identities. This makes it easy to recommend the brand to certain people, occasions, and price points.

Company Reputation: This is high up there for me. Since quality is a reputation earned over years of repeat good experiences with customers, the brands on this list have made it work over the years thanks to their reputation. Reputation notwithstanding, I went with customer reviews online to ascertain product quality.

Price: It had to be good value for money. Where a brand appeared to be bad value for money, the jewelry would have to bring in other qualities, i.e. creativity and ingenuity that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Why Trust Us?

Harvey James is a fashion writer with more than six years of writing experience. He writes men’s style pieces and fashion features.

Harvey has a sad, sad history of being very judgmental when it comes to shiny metal objects. For example, for British GQ, he suffered to find the best tie clips and cufflinks. Plus, he has written about the magical process of purchasing an engagement ring.

For FashionBeans, he has been a chief watch researcher, covering microbrands, small-face watches, and dive watches. Legend has it he owns many types of jewelry he writes about and can be found in pubs in South East London mumbling about the merits of a barrel clasp.

This blend of hands-on testing and industry knowledge ensures that the recommendations are both stylish and of high quality, making Harvey a trusted authority in the realm of men’s fashion and grooming.

Final Verdict 

David Yurman comes out on top. This is because of its eclectic styles, premium quality, brand reputation, and metal choices (including shades of titanium). You are highly likely to find your prized piece of jewelry.


    • Cartier takes the top spot. There is nothing regular about Cartier. Its commitment to exclusivity makes each piece a symbol of sophistication and status. The general men’s jewelry range is subtly grandiose, a fact that’s achieved via unparalleled craftsmanship and an obsession with detail. Founded in 1847 in Paris, the brand has gone on to solidify its status as the premier jeweler in the world.

      • Harry Styles has pushed pearls, lightweight bracelets, and charms into public consciousness. But are all men now suddenly wearing pearl necklaces? No. It’s probably still a mix of wedding bands, watches, and chains.

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