Apocalyptic Survival Game ‘Serum’ to Launch in Early Access on May 23 [Trailer]

Initially revealed last July, PQube and developer Electric Monkeys’ gothic horror survival title When the Light Dies is out now in Early Access on Steam. Complementing the release is a new trailer/gameplay guide. According to the press release, Electric Monkeys plans on having the roguelike to be fully released in September 2024.

According to the developer, the Early Access period will allow them to polish and address player feedback for When the Light Dies, releasing new updates containing everything from new enemies, weapons, items, passive upgrades, and dark magic abilities, to end-of-stage bosses. In fact, the next update for When the Light Dies is expected on May 28, which will include new items, a new weapon and an additional boss encounter “to add an extra level of challenge”.

When the Light Dies is a survival game with roguelite elements set in a desolate, frozen wilderness. You are a lone survivor fighting to keep the darkness and the horrors that lurk within it at bay. To do so, you must utilize your arsenal of weapons to hold back waves of creatures closing in from all directions.

That’s on top of keeping the light burning by lighting scattered firepits around you. You’ll of course have to refill your oil lantern to keep your path lit. As the light levels drop so does your sanity, resulting in faster and more deadly adversaries.

Right now, you can snag When the Light Dies with a 10% discount until May 16th.

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