Demo Now Available for Surreal Horror Title ‘Necrophosis’

After announcing Amanda The Adventurer would be coming to PlayStation, Xbox and mobile devices later this year, DreadXP and developer MANGLEDmaw Games have announced that the previously-announced sequel, the aptly-named Amanda the Adventurer 2, will be arriving later this year on Steam, as well. Not only that, but the sequel will also be getting its first playable demo during the Steam Next Fest next month.

Amanda the Adventurer 2 will centre on Riley Park, who after seeing what was contained on the mysterious tapes in their attic from the first game, heads to the Kensdale Public Library to investigate further. Upon arriving, Riley is greeted by a masked figure who claims to know Riley’s late Aunt Kate.

Furthermore, the figure needs Riley’s help in finding something Aunt Kate had left in the library. The figure also warns of a powerful entity that seems to be drawn to the tapes. Meanwhile, Amanda is now aware of Riley’s presence, and is doing everything to find a way to free herself…

New to Amanda The Adventurer 2 will be greater input when talking directly to Amanda, which will have a greater effect on her world. You will also not be able to head out and explore the environment to find what Amanda asks of you. Or, you could just refuse to oblige, and witness the results. You’re also not at your Aunt Kate’s any longer, with the Kensdale Public Library holding more secrets and lore for you to discover.

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