‘Shogun Season 2’ In The Works At FX, Hiroyuki Sanada Signs New Deal

That’s right you’ve read that right, Deadline reports that Shogun star Hiroyuki Sanada has signed a deal to return for a second season of the popular series, which FX is currently trying to develop. Sanada lead the first season as Lord Yoshii Toranaga, and the show followed Toranaga’s journey to become shōgun and lead Japan. While other deals are currently in the works to bring back other cast members, the current plan is to bring Shogun back for a second season.

Co-creator and showrunner Justin Marks was asked about whether or not a second season of the series could happen, and this is what he told The Hollywood Reporter;

“I don’t know. I keep saying it’s like we want to let everyone be on the same page when it comes to the book,” said Marks. “And hopefully now the TV audience and the book audience are on the same page with what the story is and where it resolves. I think if we had a story, if we could find a story, we would be open to it. But I don’t think that anyone ever wants to be out over their skis without a roadmap and everything. And it’s also just about, do people want more of it?”

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