Zach Bryan Required Stitches After ‘Traumatizing’ Off-Road Vehicle Crash

Zach Bryan and his girlfriend, podcaster Brianna LaPaglia, both suffered injuries after their off-road vehicle crashed and flipped over multiple times.

LaPaglia described the “traumatizing” accident on TikTok, saying the pair were in a side-by-side that “flipped a bunch of times, everything shattered.” Thankfully, the two were wearing their seatbelts, but LaPaglia added: “There was a lot of blood and we were like, saying goodbye to each other.” 

An ambulance came to help the two, and Bryan required several stitches for a “huge gash,” though she did not detail where on his body the injury occurred. LaPaglia also said she suffered several bruises and scratches and even “pulled glass out of my cheek.” But otherwise, she said the couple was relieved: “We were OK, we are happy and alive.” 

A few hours after the accident, Bryan and LaPaglia were getting ready to return to the singer’s tour bus to drive to his next shows in Arkansas. Upon opening the door to the bus, however, one of their pet cats dashed out and ran into the woods.

“Zach tries to jump on her, all of his stitches burst again, he’s bleeding everywhere… so much blood,” LaPaglia said. (Luckily, the cat, named Mango, was recovered after a difficult search.)


A rep for Bryan declined to comment. Despite the injuries, the musician was able to perform the last two nights, May 13 and 14, in Little Rock, Arkansas. In a video from one of the concerts, Bryan appeared to have a bandage wrapped around his right arm. 

Along with playing the two Arkansas shows, Bryan has seemed his usual self on social media, thanking fans for coming out to the gigs and posting characteristic meditations like “Keep your head down it goes on forever.” He was also looking forward to his upcoming shows in Oklahoma, his first in his home state in half a year, quipping, “going to try and not get arrested” (a nod to his run-in with the law last fall).

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