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Why Should You Add Art to the Walls of Your New Home?

Art is a supremely powerful thing, and something that many of us sadly feel is beyond us. Around three quarters of us engage with the arts, but a high percentage of us still find it difficult to get comfortable in a world of paintings and critical theory.

Art, though, is simpler than the airs and graces of the nearest for-profit gallery. Art is expression, impression, feeling and want; something that can empower and bring joy, particularly if you invite it into your home. What are some of the key reasons for which you should put time, effort and expenses towards ‘artening up your own home?

Personal Expression

Outside of any deep and considered reasons for hanging particular pieces upon on a given wall, there is a strong and pragmatic reason for which you should consider adding art to your living spaces: quite simply, to make them yours. Moving into a new home, especially when it comes to blank canvases like new build houses, is a golden opportunity for you to stake your claim to your spaces, by giving them the individual touches that make them uniquely yours.

Naturally, your decoration and furniture choices will have a powerful effect here, but artwork can add a truly special fingerprint to a room. Pieces that appeal to you on a basic aesthetic level could be just the accentuating factor you need to elevate your surroundings.

Emotional Impact

Visual art, of course, doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Good art interpolates history and context, creating lenses through which you can see a variety of things – or, indeed, access a variety of feelings. Art can elicit powerful emotions as a result of its form and depth, even if you aren’t the most well-versed art critic in the room. You needn’t look much further than the works of Rothko to find proof; something as seemingly simple as a block of colour on a canvas can bring the most intense feelings of anger, pain, fear, aggression.

Watercolours, meanwhile, are generally softer on account of their history, form and medium; Monet and his impressionist ilk have the propensity to bring out a dream-like, hazy representation of real and still life, as if memories tinged with feeling. These profound effects could instil some emotional power into your home, actively when observed and passively as part of a curated space.

Introspection and Reflection

Art’s ability to act as a lens is crucial in other ways too, such as with respect to your own sense of self. On the surface level, art can be a highly inspirational thing to own and experience, whether giving you the impetus to try you own creative practice or giving you the strength to continue in other areas of your life. On a deeper level, art can ask you questions, and ultimately help you learn more about who you are and what you believe or value. Choosing to hang these questions on your wall is a powerful thing indeed.

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