6 Best Closed-toe Sandals for Men: Comfort & Cover in 2024

When it comes to sandals, it feels like public opinion changes with the weather. One minute, a particular piece of footwear is in vogue, and the next, it’s a tacky relic from a bygone era. That said, the best closed-toe sandals for men are the next big thing in fashion.

I’ve always loved the semi-exposed aesthetic that sandals offer, and closed-toe sandals are especially interesting. You get a level of protection that’s well above that of open sandals, as well as a casual look that lets your feet breathe in the summertime.

Still, you have to tread lightly when picking out sandals. They’re one of the harder articles of clothing to get right, but we have your back with our six favorite picks. These puppies all look good, and they perform even better.

Ready to dive in? Let’s have a look at the best men’s closed-toe sandals.

Key Takeaways

After poring over countless reviews and looking at more pairs of shoes than I can count, the results are in. The best closed-toe sandals for men would have to be Dockers Men’s Fisherman Sandals. The leather construction is beautiful, the insole is extremely comfortable, and you can get them in loads of different sizes.

If you like to spend time by the water, you can also go for the Keen Newport H2 Water Sandals. Besides water resistance, they offer some extra breathability and comfort thanks to their polyester build.

Our Top Picks

man standing on the stairs wearing a closed toe sandals
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Dockers Men’s Fisherman Sandals: best closed-toe sandals for men

Why they’re great: When in doubt, just go Dockers. The grained leather on these is a fantastic look, and the straps are every bit as reliable as they are stylish. Then there’s the memory foam and fusion footbed to keep your feet nice and cushy, even if you’re out and about all day.

Add to that the fantastic price, and these are obviously the best closed-toe sandals for men.

Who are these for? Anyone who likes to look cool in sandals, that’s who. There’s just enough upper here to let you wear these with long pants, not just shorts. Also, you can get a wide feet option for most sizes, so virtually anyone can fit in these sandals.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: That faux leather looks spectacular, and it’s one of the few uppers that would look even better in burgundy or navy. Either way, you have arguably the three easiest colors to style, so it’s hardly even worth a mention.

Material: Faux leather | Sole Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–15 (+ wide) | Colors Available: 3

ZGNSHM Closed Toe Sandals

Why they’re great: When you think of leather, your mind often jumps to hefty and bulky. That’s not the case with these uppers, though – on top of looking great, these sandals feel really light on your feet. The outsole is slip-resistant, too, making them an adequate choice for most terrain types.

Who are these for? Thanks to the arch support and easy-to-adjust straps, the name of the game here is comfort. If your day involves a lot of standing, you’re unlikely to find a better-feeling pair of men’s closed-toe sandals.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although they look great, there are fewer size choices than I’d like. Whatever the case, most guys with average-sized feet would get a lot of use out of these sandals.

Material: Leather | Sole Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–12 | Colors Available: 3

Mephisto Men’s Sam Sandals

Why they’re great: In case you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a huge fan of leather. Even putting that aside, the design on the upper is one of the best-looking I’ve ever seen. These Mephisto sandals are exceptionally hard to rip, doubly so with that polyurethane sole.

Who are these for? Speaking of the soles, the shock absorption is a huge bonus for bigger guys. The footbed is also one of the best you can get at any price, so definitely go for these if you’re prone to achy feet.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These are some of the best closed-toe sandals for men. My only gripe with these is the pin hole buckle. There’s a bit less room for adjustment than with most buckles, but the holes are positioned well enough to where it generally shouldn’t be a problem.

Material: Leather | Sole Material: Polyurethane | Sizes Available: 6–14 | Colors Available: 4

Rockport Darwyn Leather Sandals: best closed-toe sandals for men

Why they’re great: This is a prototype for what the best closed-toe sandals for men can and should do. Alongside their timeless design, these Rockports come in the sexiest colors you can find in footwear. In terms of performance, they feel very light while still offering a lot of shock absorption.

Who are these for? The main selling point here is the latex foam footbed, which comes in very handy once you start to get tired. As far as aesthetics go, a lot of guys don’t like showing off too much of their feet. If that sounds like you, then these men’s closed-toe sandals reveal just enough while still being airy enough for hotter days.

Flaws but not deal breakers: Since there’s no strap adjustment in the back, it can take a bit of an extra push to get these on. It’s nothing major, though, and you can always go for the wide variant just to be safe (yes, they offer that option, too).

Material: Leather | Sole Material: Thermoplastic rubber | Sizes Available: 6.5–15 (+ wide) | Colors Available: 3

Dr Scholl’s Gaston Sandals

Why they’re great: From a purely visual standpoint, if you ask me to imagine the best-looking sandals, they’d look something like this. I love everything about the design, from how reliable the strap is to how the anatomical cushioning feels on your feet.

Who are these for? Again, you have a memory foam footbed that makes you feel like you’re walking on sunshine. If you do a lot of outdoor work involving ducking and squatting, then these men’s closed-toe sandals should make things a lot easier for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although they’re very well-made for the most part, they’re probably a bit less durable than most of our other picks. That said, remember, it’s sandals we’re talking about here, so minor repairs once every year or two aren’t a big deal.

Material: Leather | Sole Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–13 | Colors Available: 2

Keen Newport H2 Water Sandals

Why they’re great: Built to withstand the elements, these Keen sandals are durable and very quick to dry. Despite that, you’ll barely feel the polyester upper at all, especially since the straps manage to be both snug and gentle on your feet.

Who are these for? These are heavy-duty sandals in a lot of ways, and they’re great for things like nature walks or beach parties. Not to say you can’t wear them on a casual day out, though. With so many colors to choose from, you’re bound to find one that works with your summer fit. They’re simply some of the best closed-toe sandals for men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although they can handle hikes, they’re a lot better at treading water than rocks. Hard to hold that against them, though, especially with how comfortable they are. Besides, it beats wearing boots in the summer to get across rough terrain.

Material: Polyester | Sole Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–17 | Colors Available: 50+

a pair of newport h2 sandals by keen
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Buying Considerations for The Best Closed-toe Sandals For Men


As far as the upper goes, there are a lot of good materials that make a good pair of sandals. Leather brings an air of sophistication to open footwear, whereas polyester lets your feet breathe on the hottest of days. As for the soles, rubber and EVA tend to be ideal because of their flexibility, relative durability, and shock absorption.


The colors on your sandals should depend on the rest of your fit. It’s hard to come up with a definitive rule, but the safest picks tend to be black, beige, brown, and khaki. These colors are easy to match with a shirt and a good pair of beach pants, and they look good without being in-your-face about it.


This one depends on the brand and the build, but in general, it’s a smart idea to go half a size to a full size up. The point of sandals is to keep your feet breezy, and by sizing up just a little, you ensure maximum comfort without anything slipping off.

man walking the desert wearing a pair of closed toe sandals
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How We Chose

It’s hard work digging up the best products when it comes to fashion. There are lots of marketing claims out there, and many of them can be proven wrong with a bit of research.

We understand that not all of our readers have that kind of time, so we do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. In putting together our lists, we consider company reputation, transparency, and much more.

Company reputation: Is the company a major player in the fashion game? The more quality products they’ve put out, the more likely we are to recommend them.

User reviews: What do buyers have to say about the product? If their reviews are mostly positive, then it lets us know that it’s a product worth looking into.

Transparency: Does the company communicate its manufacturing process and other important details openly? A transparent company is the kind we tend to vouch for whenever we can.

Price: We aim to find picks that offer the best cost-to-quality ratio, and we try to include options at every price range.

Why Trust Us?

Andrej has earned a reputation as a trusted voice in men’s fashion and grooming through rigorous research and genuine enthusiasm for the field. His expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s built on a foundation of hands-on experience and extensive product testing.

For instance, in his insightful article on the best suspenders for big and tall gents, Andrej delved deep into how functionality meets fashion, providing readers with choices that are both practical and stylish.

Similarly, his piece on dress belts showcased his ability to sift through myriad options to recommend only those that meet his high standards for quality and aesthetic appeal.

When selecting the best closed-toe sandals for men, Andrej applied the same meticulous approach. He not only reviewed countless products but also interviewed industry experts and tested top selections personally to ensure that his recommendations stood up to real-world use.

Trust in his guidance comes from his commitment to authenticity, his depth of knowledge, and his track record of providing advice that readers can rely on.

Final Verdict 

And that’s that for the best closed-toe sandals for men. It was pretty close, but Dockers Men’s Fisherman Sandals are our favorite pick for this one. You get loads of size options, some top-shelf heel cushioning, and of course, one of the best-looking pieces of footwear in its category.


    • Closed-toe sandals are just common enough to be considered a fashion trend, but elusive enough to grab people’s attention. With that in mind, not only are they in right now, they’re practically guaranteed to get you a positive reaction.

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