The Sweet Heads Up Daniel Radcliffe Gave Quinta Brunson After Saying The Two Should Do A Rom-Com Together

Quinta Brunson may be known for her excellent work creating, co-writing, and starring in the big hit show Abbott Elementary, but outside of the scripted series, Brunson has worked with Daniel Radcliffe in his highly underrated show Miracle Workers and in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story where she played Oprah Winfrey. Considering the British actor has expressed interest in working with his former co-star in the form of a rom-com, Brunson just gave a sweet heads-up about it.

Back in January, Daniel Radcliffe said he’d like to make a rom-com with Quinta Brunson considering they’re both the perfect height! That’s an answer worth a thousand Gryffindor points. While on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the television host showed Brunson that same clip of Radcliffe’s request. Here is her sweet reaction below that tells us this rom-com needs to happen:

He actually texted me the next day and was like, ‘I’m so sorry I talked about our height.’ And I was like, why?! It’s true!

It’s good that the two performers have a good sense of humor about their shared height. Quinta Brunson has joked about it before on Abbott Elementary like when her character, Janine, wondered if 5’2” actor Kevin Hart was her dad.

Daniel Radcliffe has also made height jokes about himself back when there were Wolverine casting rumors going around. He jokingly believed himself to have a more realistic look to the X-Men mutant than Hugh Jackman considering the metal-clawed hero is usually a short guy. But hey, short actors like Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman have still done really well in their careers.

Like Quinta Brunson told Jennifer Hudson, if you put the two stars together, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything about their heights. However, there’s another important reason why the Emmy winner would love to work with the Harry Potter star:

We work very well together. And I think Daniel’s like me where it’s like you find somebody that you do good work with and you have a great relationship and who runs a great set and has a great environment. You want to keep working with them and I feel like Daniel and I feel that way about each other.

I feel like the two would work very well with each other in a rom-com. We already know that Quinta Brunson has plenty of comedy chops that she’s delivered as part of our 2024 TV schedule for Abbott Elementary. We also saw her establish great romantic chemistry in her ABC comedy series with Janine and Gregory’s relationship.

Daniel Radcliffe may have taken a lot of “weird” roles after Harry Potter, but he did star in one rom-com that he did a fantastic job in. One of Radcliffe’s best movies that don’t take place in the Wizarding World is called What If, where he falls for his roommate’s cousin even though she has a boyfriend. The December Boys actor had great comedic timing and had sweet chemistry with co-star Zoe Kazan. I’d love to see him explore the rom-com genre again.

You can watch the rest of The Jennifer Hudson Show interview below:

It looks like a good sign that Quinta Brunson texted Daniel Radcliffe after hearing his request to do a rom-com together. I think I speak for the fans when I say we need this dream to become a reality soon. Until then, you can see their dynamic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story on The Roku Channel.

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