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Go for Gold: Blingy Eyeglasses and How to Style Them

The verdict is in – gold is back and better than ever. The latest fashion trend is to welcome gold back into the fold as a critical piece of your look, whether it’s a casual day with friends or a sophisticated evening of food and wine. This comeback is evident on the red carpet, perfectly encapsulated by Anya Taylor-Joy as she stepped out at Cannes in a gorgeous Christian Dior A-line gown embellished entirely with gold crystals.

Gold has trickled its way down from huge events to daily wear, serving as bold centerpieces ready to elevate any look. Hence, the US remains one of the countries with the highest demand for gold jewelry. The world of eyewear doesn’t stray far from this trend, with blinged-out eyeglasses completely in vogue. It simply comes down to how you style them.

Why gold eyewear is worth the investment

Gold has long been considered a ‘safe’ investment because of how it holds value. Even if you hold no interest in diversifying assets, gold pieces work because they are made to last. Gold has been a mainstay in jewelry for decades primarily because it doesn’t fade or tarnish over time. Unlike nickel, it also doesn’t commonly cause skin irritation from extended wear.

In terms of style, it’s also a classic that will always make you look expensive. Even as trends come and go, there is practically no situation where simply wearing gold makes you look dated. Depending on the type of frames you wear, it’s a versatile material that can easily be paired with various patterns, colors, and fabrics. Part of the popularity of gold eyewear also comes from the warm undertones it brings compared to silver. This complements a huge range of skin colors as long as you pair it with a color palette that works with your undertones.

Whether you prefer thick or slim frames, going for gold ensures you get a chic look that stands out in a good way. This is why high-end brands are hopping onto the trend and releasing their prescription glasses decked in gold. The Gucci GG0986O, for instance, are simple, square, and lightweight frames made glamorous in gold. Topped off with the iconic Gucci logo, this is the perfect pair for fashion-forward wearers who want to pivot between classic, sleek looks and more playful outfits full of flair.

How to style blingy gold pieces

There’s a fine line between extravagance and ostentation, and whether or not you can navigate it safely will depend on how you style your gold eyeglasses. If you want something that complements your frames and adds visual interest, jump on another trend using delicate butterfly jewelry. Charms, earrings, and bracelets are a great way to incorporate this look as long you choose pieces that also use gold as their primary metal.

As for clothing, you have quite a bit of freedom because gold pairs and contrasts nicely with most hues. The palette you go for will depend on the vibe you are trying to achieve. Consider neutral and warm tones to bank on the popular “quiet luxury” look taking over the internet. Add a dash of black within your muted color scheme and let your glasses be the sole gold element, building understated sophistication with ease. Or, opt to go a bit wilder with prints, fabrics, and colors if you’re wearing more understated frames for a nice juxtaposition.

It’s safe to say brands are embracing gold again, partly due to the influx of precious metals since 2021. The supply was there, and fashion inevitably capitalized on this opportunity swiftly. And with the current state of things, there’s no reason you shouldn’t either.

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