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Kadrolsha Ona Carole New CEO of 360 TVN.

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by Alison Davis

Kadrolsha Ona Carole the New CEO of 360 TVN

Kadrolsha Ona Carole, takes over the helm of the widely popular streaming media platform 360 Television Network. She is partnering with Harrison Klein CEO of HK Enterprises.

The main goal is to transform the 360TVN+ media app. streaming media channel, social media and website into the monumental example of what streaming media should be. New programming, new categories dedicated to professional and independent producers with LIVE events and more. We will have advertising options to please content providers and a greater focus on the sports aspect of streaming media with LIVE events and sports movies. KO intends for your experience to be engaging solid and straight forward. Easy to access and not watered down.

The transformation is well under way!

KO, as she is fondly known, brings to the table a multitude of Telecommunications skills along with decades of Public Relations business skills. This makes her an asset when developing and executing new programming and transforming the way we watch streaming media. Her media experience compounded with her ability to create award-winning streaming media content will bring awareness to all involved in the entertainment industry. Her achievements are lengthy. Here are but a few:

Her positive message to men and women of all ages, and all walks of life is to never stop believing in yourself. Take that belief and push others forward. By helping others, you are actually helping yourself with self-confidence and strength.

Harrison Klein

CEO Evolution Consultant, helping Top Producers, CEO’s & Leaders leverage small shifts in Self Image into Bigger Better Results, Mastery, Emotional Intelligence & Well Being.

Spearheading Neuro Wealth Leadership INC and Global Transformation Partners, our team’s core mission is to elevate personal growth alongside wealth creation. With competencies in marketing communications and social networking, we’ve steered clients such as a renowned sculptor to immense success and significantly amplified a businessman’s wealth portfolio.

Our approach is rooted in enhancing mental acuity, emotional intelligence, and leveraging neuro-linguistic programming for experiential learning.

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